Chapter FortyOne- Adopted Into The Horror Family

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Alright so the chapters lately haven't been that long and there hasn't been too much action (by my standards) so hopefully a little more meaning will be in this chapter! Also, I should be able to get this one over four pages! Here's to hoping :D Anyway make sure to VOTE and COMMENT :D Oh and I would like to know if there were any jaw-dropping scenes in this story for you so far! 


Chapter FortyOne- Adopted Into The Horror Family

July 27th: Waxing Gibbous

    Once I was done making pancakes for Amanda and I we resumed our discussion on Haden being adopted. Amanda didn't seem to concerned with telling me, saying that as his best friend it was my right to know. That still didn't make me feel any better though considering he should have been the one to tell me. Why hadn't he told me anyway? He'd let me freak out all this time about him kissing his sister when in fact they weren't even blood related. That still didn't make it that much better, but still, it helped my brain not be as angry anymore. 

    "Does he know he's adopted?" I asked, realizing right after that it was a stupid question. 

    "Yeah, he's known since he was able to talk. My parents didn't want him to feel like he didn't belong with the family, but they also wanted him to know what had happened to his real parents in case he asked why he didn't look exactly like us." 

    Amanda was eating her pancakes, still talking in that offhand way that made me feel a bit more comfortable. "You see, Haden's mom was my mom's cousin so he's still apart of the family." Ah, I take back the not blood related thing. My brain was back to going haywire again. "This makes him still look a lot like us, but obviously he's not the same as Lockheart and I. Anyway, his mother died while giving labor to him and his father had a really bad heart condition he died from a few weeks before. My mother took Haden in after that and treated him as her own son."

    Now that I was hearing all of this from a secondary source I really wished Haden had told me. I mean for one it sucked - that was an understatement - that his parents had both died around the time he was born so he hadn't even the chance to know them. Then, he was adopted into a family that wasn't exactly that great, no offence against Amanda. 

    The only thing is Amanda's family is probably just as close to being as unstable as mine. Okay, maybe not that close, but that didn't mean it was perfect. For heck's sake his new little brother was pretty much evil and his twin sister did anything he said. Not to mention the parents didn't seem exactly golden either. At least the mother didn't that is. It really made me wonder if Haden had been hiding it for so long just because it was painful to think about. Not only had he lost both his real parents, but in the end he lost his adoptive parents as well. 

    I looked over at Amanda who'd already finished off her food, pushing the plate aside and wiping her hands on her super short skirt. Stupid short skirt drawing my eyes to her legs. The point right now was not for me to stare at Amanda but for me to get more information about Haden. I needed to focus. 

    Amanda continued on with her story, saying, "Haden didn't mind being adopted, he liked us as a new family which might I tell you is crazy. We're not exactly the American Dream. Me and him bonded really fast once I was actually able to talk and whatever, but like my parents he hated Lockheart. Whever Lockheart would try getting me to hang out with him or go places Haden would go all possessive and not let me go anywhere. He took his job as the older brother really serious so I think that's why we are having issues now. He has sharing problems..."

    She trailed off, looking down at the counter as she thought about things. I was brought back to when I first met her and how she didn't even have her memories. Yes, they'd started coming back slowly, finally coming back fully when Jade took the memory spell off that she'd put on her. I bet it would be really hard to have nothing at first and then suddenly have everything back. It was probably hard to remember things exactly as they happened. 

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