One Hell of a Night pt. 2

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  Art by CinnamonTostPhan on DA

              AT YOUR OWN RISK

Mark's POV
     When I finish unbuttoning his pants, I take them off. Pulling out his hard member, I glance back up at him.

     "I won't take your virginity, yet. But I will do this for now," I kiss the tip, removing the disappointed look from his face and turning it into slight pleasure. "That day will come."

     I wink at him then put his erected member in my mouth, going at a slow pace. He moans, causing me to go faster. He grips my hair and pulls me down on to him more, making me gag a little. I stroke that parts I can't reach with my mouth as I bob my head up and down, hearing him moan louder.

     "Ah, I'm about to," he chokes out between moans, gripping my hair tighter. I pull his cock out just in time for him to come, getting it all over my face.

     I grab a tissue from a tissue box on the bed stand, wiping my face before I turn back to face the younger man. A little sweat drips here and there on his face, his face flustered. He notices me looking at him and immediately turns away, covering his face with his hand.

     Smiling softly, I lean in next to his ear. "Did you have fun~," making sure my voice was deep, in hopes of making him more embarrassed. I wrap my arms around him, making sure he doesn't lean on my boner.

     Humming a little, I remove his hand from his face. "Hey," I whisper softly. He looks at me, still blushing but lightly. Forcing a smile on his face, he whispers back, "hi."

     Jack leans on me more, closing his eyes and pushes against my member. I twitch slightly and realized how I reacted. Hoping he didn't notice, I move. Then I hear a little laugh.

     Looking down, my eyes meet Jack's. But he's smiling. He then glances at my member, returning his gaze to me. I realize what he meant.

     "You don't have to if you don't want to," I whisper, moving again.

     Without a word, he puts his hand on my crotch. He holds my gaze as he drags his hand over my erection.

     "Jack," I groan a little and put my hand over the one holding my member, "really, you don't have to."

     "Maybe, but something is telling me I should," Jack says as he grips me.

     I gasp and melt under his touch, but try not to show it, knowing he'll use it against me. Jack moves down toward my member and kisses my pants. Sensation flies through my body, but I pull him back up to my face.

     "Now, now. Do you even deserve this," I tease. He pouts, making me laugh.

     "No pouting, good boys don't pout," smirking before I pull him into a kiss. The kiss is soft and slow. I may not know him well... But that will come. I need to take it slow so he knows I want this to last. Growing with him, cuddling, having fun, living together... That would be amazing. That's all I want. Once I come back from my thoughts, I realize Jack is staring at me, immediately throwing blush across my face.

     "Are you okay? You looked like you were daydreaming," he giggles. I stare at him and smile. His giggle is so cute... Almost instantly noticing me looking at him, he meets my eyes with his.

     "W-what," blush clear as day appears on him as he stutters.

     "You're so cute," I respond softly, placing my hand on his cheek.

     I don't wait for a response and pull Jack close to me. Messing with his soft hair, he places his hand my chest. I examine the slightly smaller man's hair, the last thing I see before falling asleep with my potential future love in my arms.


HEY PUPS! So, as you can tell, I came back from about a year or so(?) now and decided to continue this story since so many people like it. It'll take a while to update but I'll do my best, I'm still figuring out the plot so it's hard... I've looked back at a lot of comments that inspired me to continue and some mean ones that made me laugh (got called a furry cunt and furry faggot lol). I'm so sorry if my writing isn't as good as it use to be... But I'll do my best! Anyways, rest well little ones! (Even if you aren't little XD)

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