I faked smiled, "Hey, you seem busy. I'll come back later" I turned around and left.

"Emma, hold up!" Ethan called behind.

I slowed down and turned around, "Don't worry. I'll come by tomorrow, or tonight" I lied.

"Emma, it's not what you think" He plead.

"Ethan, why do you think I care? Lol it's you're life. I'm not mad or anything. You seemed busy."

He checked my face, looking for any emotions, "Are you sure you dont care- I mean... why did you came here"

"I was just going to surprise you and Grayson since things have been awkward over the weekend, I thought we would hang out and think about James's gift we still didn't give to him"

Ethan rubbed the back of his neck, "Oh. I thought... never mind. Hey-"

I cut him off, "I got to go Ethan" I turned and this time I never look back, and walked faster.

Ethan's P. O.V

I sighed and rolled my eyes. I stretched and slowly went to my bathroom to brush my teeth. She followed standing at the door.

"I just want to let you know I'm sorry. All those drama's, all those misunderstand, I'm sorry."

I nod not caring. She sighed.

"Ethan, I know you care, I know you're hurt. But let me tell you. I didn't do what you- and everyone think. It was a misunderstanding, I tried explaining but you wouldn't listen. Ethan I loved you, and even though I knew I made a mistake and that you didn't let me explain, I'm still here saying sorry."

I finished brushing my teeth and washed my face, "You know. I honestly don't care. I've moved on and learned not everyone is what you think. I forgive you, I told you that. I don't want drama, or anything. Let the world think what shit they want. But we both know the fucking truth. That's enough."

"Ethan listen. I'm not here for you to make announcements about me. I'm here because I want you. I need you. Ever since you left I felt like a hole in me. I didn't know how to cover it, I didn't know how to mend it. Until I came to realize you were the one I need."

I stared at myself at the mirror. She was right. I felt the same when she left. But since I meet Emma, something changed into me. I've been more happier with her. She made me feel like a whole diffrent person.

But she doesn't feel the same.

"Tell me. Were you not with that guy and hanged out with him all night when you were suppose to go on a date with me that night?" I ask.

She nodded, "I was. Only because I was with Amy, she left with her boyfriend. And it was just me and him. Yes I post stuff on snapchat, but we didn't do anything. I left late because Amy took my mom's car, I had to wait for her. Nothing happened. We talked, but that was it. I send you a text and told you I couldn't make it."

"That, "I say walking out of my bathroom, "Is where you should have explained where you were, then posting those stuff on you're Snapchat. That is also bullshit."

"Or, you could have let me explain the next day." She said.

I changed into a diffrent T-shirt. She stood there, skirt, white blouse, make up, a Gucci side bag watching me, by the look of it she must be going somewhere important after this. Waiting for me to answer, I took my time.

"We both made mistakes." I finally said.

"Maybe we can start fresh. And make things better. I promised I'll try not to screw up." She plead.

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