Chapter 3

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Emma's P.O.V

I blasted music, once I got into my car, and drove to the Twins house. 

It was good to be back at L.A. It may not be my real home, but it's the place I can actualy call home. I sang to the lyrics of 'beautiful' by Bazzi. Real loud. I didn't fucking care who, or what heard me. I was going to do something I'll regret real bad, but fuck it. It's part of being courage's. Or stupidity.

Takes notes girls.

Finally I got there. Maybe I should have called, but it was in the afternoon, we usually come over sometimes in awhile to hang out around this time without actualy calling or texting. I took a breath and pulled up to their drive way. I noticed a nice Mercedes parked and didn't give a shit about it.

I got out of my car, charged to the door. And knocked.

After three knocks Grayson opens the door. He looked surprised and came out. Closing the door behind him.

"Emma, what are you doing here?" He smiled.

"I need to speak with Ethan." I say.

He blinked and shook his head, "Well, you really can't. You shouldn't be here"

I frowned, "What do you mean. I need to talk to him about something important"

"About what?"

"You told me that he likes me. I'm waiting for him to confront me, I can't take it anymore"

"Maybe you should wait longer?" He said rubbing his hand behind his head

I rolled my eyes, "Listen I didn't come all the way to be given suggestion that are bullshit"

"Ethan can't talk right now. Listen Emma, maybe you should go home. Relax, and... try not to think about this much"

"But you told me that he likes me! I can't sit and let the guy get mix up with his feelings!" I was starting to get angry.

"Emma, let me ask you this. Do you like him?" He place his hands on his hip.

"That's why I'm here. To talk to him tell him about my feeligns that... I dont..."

Grayson sighs, "Well, maybe you two can deal that shit later. Even though it wont be nesscesery."

"Can I at least come in?"


"Why not?"

"His busy."

"Doing what?"

"Fuck Emma, his talking to someone"

"Then I'll just wait"

"You don't really need too"

We stared at each other for a long moment until I slipped through him, opened the door, and got in. Perks of being small. I knew he'll probably be sleeping or playing Fortnite. His usually more lazy on Sundays. Grayson should be editing now. I smirked thinking of ways to surprise him.

"Emma, wait!" I think I heard Grayson. Was it him, or was it my mind.

I opened Ethan's door, "Hey Ethan I'm h-"

Ethan stood there, in his pajamas.  Kissing a girl. A fucking pretty girl.

They broke up, and Ethan frowned surprised, "Emma?"

Don't cry.

Don't yell.

Dont show.

Fuck it.

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