Chapter 8

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Scarlet's POV

I reached for my keys in my pocket and slowly opened the front door, finding the lights switched on. The apartment smelled horrible. I walked inside the kitchen and found a messy one. All the dishes were dirty and laying on a pile in the sink. It seemed like the floor hadn't been swept since God knows when, and it pissed me off because I left it all clean before I left, plus the whole kitchen smelled like a mix of tuna and smelly feet that only made me want to throw up on the floor. Basically, the whole apartment was more or less like that. I left the kitchen in disgust, with a frown decorating my face and walked into to Megan's bedroom not even bothering on knocking on her door. She was lying down lazily on her undone bed eating a bar of white chocolate. Her bedroom floor was covered with piles of unwashed clothes and tons of empty Arizona cans. She was still in her pyjamas with her messy and grassy hair on a even messier bun, and don't make me talk about how she smelled like.

"Megan!" was all I could say

She didn't even look at me which made me feel angrier than I already was. She was always like that and I was so sick of her and this attitude.

"What?" she said looking at me with her mouth full of chocolate

This felt like the more disgusting situation I had ever been in.

"What have you done with the house?" I asked in a high voice tone

I wasn't that kind of teenager who loved to clean and wash the dishes and sweep the floor, of course not, but this situation wasn't even hygienic. Even the pigs' cage at the zoo was cleaner.

"For God's sake, calm down! Relax, sit down and have a drink" Megan huffed rolling her eyes at me

I was feeling myself getting angrier and angrier. My blood was starting to boil through my veins and all I could think about in that moment was about how much I wanted to stab Megan and how much of a pig she was. She never cleaned, she never collaborated and sometimes she didn't even pay for the rent, and I was starting to think about kicking her ass out the apartment because all she did was disturb me.

But oh well, instead of punching her in the fucking face-something I should have done a long time ago-I decided to relax. She was my friend after all. But she should change because no one can live with someone in this conditions.

"I give you three days to change your attitude or I'll kick you out" I said a bit more calm

Megan looked at me raising an eyebrow, gesture that made me frown and roll my eyes at her.

"And I want all this clean before I come"

She let out a breathed laugh. She sat down and left the almost finished chocolate bar on her table next to her bed and then looked at me with her arms crossed, a smirk on her face.

"What are you now? My mom?" she said sarcastically smirking

I felt myself more mature than I actually was listening to the words coming out of Megan's mouth and I sticked up for myself answering her with a wise comeback.

"No, I'm not. I am the friend who's paying your rent and will kick you out of the apartment if you don't change your attitude. And I guess you don't want to live outside in the streets of New Jersey alone with no money and nobody to stick up for yourself, do you?"

And I was right. She depended on me as she didn't even have a job.

"Is this what you're gonna do with your gap year? Waste it?" I finished

She scoffed, but I could see in her face she was angry, and pissed off for the fact that I was right. After this, I left her bedroom closing the door behind me and leaving her alone with her own thoughts and her tuna smelling breath and walked to my bedroom, which fortunately was clean and tidy. At least Megan never stepped into my bedroom and I was thanks for that.

I changed my clothes into some black skinny jeans and an All Time Low tank. I brushed my hair and sprayed some perfume on, then put on my black converses. I took some money, my keys and my phone and left the shitty apartment I lived in all thanks to Megan and drove to Nando's to have something for lunch. Because no way I was going to cook or have lunch in my messy and horrible smelling apartment.

I arrived to a parking lot next to the restaurant and parked my car there then got off it. I checked my watch, two o'clock in the afternoon, so I decided to call Gerard. I wanted to invite him for lunch to apologize for leaving his house so early even though today we were going to meet at his. Plus I didn't like to be alone at a restaurant because it felt kind of embarrassing for me, and I enjoyed Gerard's company so it would be nice. I dialed his number and waited a couple of seconds before he picked up.

"Hey, Gerard! It's me, Scarlet" I greeted

"Hey, what's up?"

I pressed my lips before saying anything. Maybe he would say no to my offer, but he wouldn't say yes if I didn't tell him so I had to at least try. Anyways, shy wouldn't he say yes? He didn't seem kind of a very busy boy.

"First, I wanted to apologize for leaving so early"

"Oh, it's okay don't worry" he said warmly

I let out a little smile and then carried on with the conversation and the reason why I called him.

"And second... I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch at Nando's with me?" I managed to say

And I didn't know why I was feeling so nervous. Did Gerard make me nervous? I wasn't sure. But if he did, why did he?

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