Hey, I'm Rey!

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Hello! Welcome to the official sequel to Corruption! Whether you're a long time fan or a brand new reader, welcome! I really hope I can live up to Ari's amazing story. He's been inactive for a while, but I think he's given me enough ideas to get started on this story. Thank you all for being so very patient!
(Edit: He's back now! Be sure to check him out!)

If you're a new reader and have no idea what I'm talking about, please go check out ParadoxAri ! You can find Corruption on my reading list and on his profile. It'll help you understand what's going on here (plus it's just a really great story).

Just thought I'd give a quick introduction since there are probably going to be some new eyes.
Hey, I'm Rey! I am an aspiring writer that enjoys writing whenever I get the chance. I've loved writing stories since I was in middle school, and I hope to eventually make it part of my career. Ari was one of the first writers I found on Wattpad, and he is still one of my favorite writers to this day.

Chapter one is coming very soon!

Hope you stick around!

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