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Tomura Shigaraki.

That's my name, the one who's probably gonna end up a villian. I always wanted to be a hero, I looked up to the number one hero, All For One, his quirk was powerful, but unknown.

I was zoned out, my fingers tapping the top of my desk.

All of a sudden, I heard a quiet, but deep voice saying something I couldn't quite make out.

"Hello?" It was male, that's for sure. I studied him, light skin, three nose piercings, jet black hair.

But his most distinguishing features was the purple skin. It looked flaky, it covered from the tip of his ears, to his mouth and down the neck stopping at his collarbones. It was also on half his hand, up to his elbow. I assumed it was also on his legs. He also had surgical staples, connecting the purple skin to his.

"Hey wait up!" A high-pitched female voice squeaked, I could hardly hear it. The female had blond hair, tied into two messy buns, her eyes were yellow, a smiled spread across her face, she wore the basic girl's uniform.

"Hello?~" The girl squeaked.

"Oh- Uh, hi." I replied, trying to keep my voice quiet.

The black haired boy, sighed, pulling a chair from the side and sitting on it backwards.

"I'm Dabi, this is Himiko, Toga Himiko." Dabi said, soon following it with a quiet yawn, Himiko waved.

"Oh, i'm Shigaraki." I replied, my heart was beating fast, why though? I mean, yeah Dabi was kind of cute, but not that cute.

"Why are you talking to me out of all people?" I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Dabi's turquoise eyes glanced up and down at me, as of checking me out.

"Because, you seem cool. Plus we need friends." The male replied, running his fingers through his jet black hair. I awkwardly looked into his eyes, just like that villian Endeavors. Strange, I shrugged it off, maybe they were colored contacts? Who knew.

"Okay, I guess that makes us friends then."


"Don't scare him, Himiko."

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