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I thought it would be cute to focus on some different parts of Simon and Baz's life of they had kids. I would assume it's weird for anyone interrupting their parents during  this, but it's Snowbaz. What can I say?  **Simon and Baz do not belong to me. They belong to Rainbow Rowell. Thank you!**  Enjoy! ;)


 (Simon and Baz are married and have two kids. They have a son, Ty (short for Tyran), who is in first grade, and a daughter, lucy, who is a toddler)

*Baz comes home from picking up Ty from school* 

"Daddy!(referring to Simon) look, look!" Ty exclams with joy as he holds a paper up to Simon. "An A on your math test? No way!" Simon takes the paper and looks up at Baz as he drops the keys and Ty's backpack on the kitchen counter. Simon then squats down to Ty's height and puts his hands on his shoulders. "Hey," he whispers "Why don't you ask Dad if you can get ice cream to celebrate?" Ty gasps and run over to Baz. "Daddy said we can get ice cream, can we really?"

Baz raised his eyebrows at Simon and smiles. "After homework and dinner. M'kay bud?" He receives a "Yess!" in return. Ty grabs his backpack and runs off, probably you tell Lucy about the news. Simon slowly stands up as Baz wraps his arms around his waist. Simon looks up and kisses him. "I love you" he says "love you too" Baz says back, gently swaying them side to side as he plants kisses down Simon's neck. Simon steps back, bumping into the couch and Baz leans forward, causing Simon to lean back and they stumbled onto the couch. "Baz!" Simon laughs as Baz continues kissing him. "Baz, not now" 

 "Why? I can't love you now?" "Just..." Simon plays with Baz's hair. " Just save it for tonight." Baz wiggles his eyebrows and smiles. "Okay, tonight" with one last kiss he pushes off of Simon and helps him up.

Once Tyran's homework was done and the family ate dinner, the four of them went into town to Gelupo's. After they ate their ocean,  Simon and Baz sat on a bench at a park and Ty took Lucy to play on the playground. Simon scooted over towards Baz as he put his arm around Simon's shoulder. They occasionally get looked at for a couple extra seconds by other parents, but they just ignore other most of the time. For example, now, there was a mom, about in her early forties, pushing her son on the swings, trying to nonchalantly stare at the young, gay couple. 

Just to get on her nerves, Baz placed his free hand on Simon's inner thigh and rubbed it softly as he kissed Simon lovingly. "What was that for?" Simon asked. Baz shrugged and looked back at the lady. Simon followed Baz's eyes to find the lady momentarily stop pushing the swing with a look of surprise in her eyes. Simon just laughed to himself and they called Lucy and Ty back. When they arrived home, they fathers prepared their children for bed, tucked them in and said goodnight. Before Ty fell off to sleep he said "This was an awesome Friday." Simon smiled, pushed his son's hair away and kissed Tyran's forehead.

As Simon returned to his and Baz's bedroom, Baz came from behind Simon, pulling his shirt over his head. "What are you doing?" Simon was laughing, but pulled his shirt off anyways. "It's tonight." Baz's voice was deep and a bit anxious. "Are you ready?" 

Simon just walked over to the closet and pulled off his trousers as he picked out PJ bottoms. "No!" Baz said "you don't have to get changed, just hop into bed with me" Baz was wearing a dark red robe, and Simon could well believe that was all he had on. Simon tossed his PJs back and climbed next to Baz with only his pants on. This wasn't enough for Baz, so he layed on top of Simon and, placed his hands on Simon's chest. "Man, you must be desperate for me" Simon smiled up at his husband.

 Baz just smiled back and started kissing Simon's moles on his chest and collerbone. Although Baz is taller than Simon, Baz was shifted down, so his head was below Simon's. Simon ran his hands through Baz's hair, but stopped when a noise came from outside their door. Baz went outside of the bedroom and re-entered saying "a window was open and making noises, so I closed it." he shut the door behind him, and locked it too. After a few seconds of staring at the perfect blond boy on the bed, with his hands behind his head, Baz decided to take off his robe. 

Simon was correct about it being the only article of clothing on Baz. Simon proped himself up with his elbows, and raised an eyebrow at Baz, who was smirking by now. "No, no, no, Baz... Uhhh" Simon was cut off by Baz grinding on him gently. Simon put his hands on Baz's bare hips to stop him, but it didn't help. "Do you love me?" Baz whispered softly into Simon's ear. Simon just grimaced and choked out an "Of course I do". Baz stared grinding harder, causing Simon to create an unusual, but attractive noise. Baz stopped to stare into Simon's deep blue eyes. "You like it?" And he just continued, causing Simon to moan more. 

This time, Baz kissed Simon while still on top of him. He could feel the noise Simon created in his mouth as he kissed Simon's throat. His lips moved to the side slightly and sucked on Simon's skin softly. "What if our kids notice hickeys on my neck Baz?" "Then they'll know how much I love you." 

"Seriously." By the look in Simon's eyes, Baz knew he ment it, so he stopped grinding. "Just say it's a bruise, that's what it is" Baz replied defending himself a bit. This can't be the same Simon Snow that Baz first met. The Simon that was Baz's roommate at Watford would love to be in this place. Did becoming a parent really effect Simon this much? So Baz slid off of Simon, walked over to the closet, and started grabbing pants and pajamas. "Baz..." Simon's voice trailed off a bit. "What?" Baz sounded offended, so Simon got up to grab Baz's hand and pull him back to the bed.

 Baz already had pj bottoms on, but Simon took the shirt from his hands. "I'm sorry." They were laying in the bed facing each other when Simon kissed Baz. He placed his hand on Baz's chest, as he pulled Simon closer. Still on their sides, Simon used his free hand to move his fingers around Baz's stomach and soon enough, into his pants. Baz's hands tightened their grip at the touch of Simon's hand on him. Simon gently laughed, kissed Baz and whispered "you're hard, you know." "It's your fault" Baz replied. "Good."

 The more Simon's hand moved in Baz's pants, the quicker Baz's breath became, and he squeezed his eyes shut. Before they could go any further, there was a knock on the door. Baz, being the one dressed more, got up, adjusting his pants so they look normal. Baz found Ty outside their room. "Hey Ty, what is it?" Tyran's face was red, and his forehead was hot. "I-I think I had a bad dream." Baz scooped his son up and carried him back to his room. After re-tucking him into bed, Baz left the room to return with his violin. Ty smiled at the thought of Baz playing for him, and his dad sat on the edge of the bed. Tyran snuggled up as his father straightened his back, rested his chin on the violin, and started playing lullaby after lullaby. 

It was rare to find Baz play his violin for others, but he did it anyway. After Ty fell asleep, Baz kissed his rosey cheek, whispered "goodnight, my little puff," and returned his violin to it's case. He found a sleeping Simon in the bed, so he quietly climbed in next to him, and pulled the sheets onto them. Before falling asleep, Baz admired Simon's peaceful face, and caught his fingers in Snow's tangled, golden curls. Simon did have a hickey from Baz, but it wouldn't matter in the morning. Simon shifted in his sleep, so his back was facing Baz, and Baz gently moved until his stomach against Simon's warm back. He wrapped his arms under Simon's and placed his palm, flat against Simon's stomach. Finally, Baz kissed Simon's soft hair before closing his eyes and falling asleep.


Gotta love these two. If you liked stories with Baz and Simon as parents please say so, I'm open for requests. Thank you for reading! Oh, and expect a fun Thanksgiving story next week on Thanksgiving day.  Luv ya!      <3 Miss Gigi

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