25. Ecstasy

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"It won't hurt you Nevaeh..in fact, it just might make your life a whole lot better." He smirked and touched my cheek. I blushed and turned my face away.

"But I get it, we'll do it when you're ready," he said softer and got under the covers. I followed suit and crawled under the covers. Cyrus' arms quickly found my waist.

"Come with me tomorrow." He whispered as the lights turned off.

"Alpha Cyrus, are you asking me to be your date?" I asked him teasingly and he chuckled, his body vibrating as a response. 

"Be my date, tomorrow baby," He replied kissing my neck.

*  *  *

The warm ball of light filtered through my thin eyelids awoke me the next morning. I blinked a few times, in an attempt to help my eyes adjust to the illumination directed right at my defenceless figure. I sat up straight and yawned

I woke up to find myself alone in the bed. My body felt sticky from my run last night. I had a slight headache from drinking, nothing that an Advil wouldn't cure. I got out of the covers and pulled the curtains together, covering the morning sun.

From the bathroom, I could hear Cyrus in the shower already. I stepped into the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth quietly.

"Morning, Nevaeh," Cyrus said from the steamed up shower. His wolf senses must have picked up on my scent.

*should I wait for him to finish?*  I asked my wolf,

*no, get in with him!*

I quickly took off the tracksuit that I had slept in and opened the glass door to expose a very naked Cyrus. 

I stood there.. gawking wouldn't quite describe my state. I was shocked, stunned, amazed, mesmerized by his physique. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. His body was drool-worthy.

He had a chiselled chest and the skin on it was glowing healthily. His abdominals were sculptured to perfection as his six-packs pop, instantly giving off the impression that he came out of a Calvin Klein shoot. His biceps were the size of my head yet lean and his triceps looked like diamonds - really rare ones, indeed -

"Thank you," I heard him say, snapping me out of my dirty thoughts.


"I can hear your thoughts now." He chuckled, grabbing my hand and pulling me further into the shower. The warm water hit me instantly. I then remembered our marking yesterday. On his neck bore the Mark I had to given him. A true representation that he was mine.

I had expected the Mark to heal or change into a dark red bite mark but instantly the small mark was purple. Now that we were marked, it meant that our connection to each other was stronger than ever.  

Finally, he was mine and I was his.

If he could hear my thoughts, then I could hear his. I tried to concentrate slightly and whilst failing, I laughed at myself.

"What's funny?"

"I tried reading yours." I giggled and turned to increase the temperature of the water.

"You don't have to, I'll tell you what I'm thinking right now." He whispered seductively. He then turned the water back to the normal warm temperature and pulled me closer to him. 

My back was pressed against his front. I could feel him throbbing from my back and I gasped. He then spun me around so we were facing each other. Our faces so close together, our noses were touching.

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