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C H A P T E R   S I X T E E N

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JAZEON WAS ON A RUN. THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. HE WAS BEING CHASED Currently by the Marauders, well not exactly. Remus was chasing Sirius and James calling them to stop, And there was Peter, who was just trying to win best in running award.

Jazeon's heavy breathing could be heard throughtout the open halls close to the black lake, He thought all the bullying had stop, but it has only increased thanks to the Marauders.

Caprico Astrolus was just walking around in hogwarts, He didn't have much friends to hang out with. And his friends are busy hanging out with higher people. As he took a little stroll around the castle, he can hear a heavy breathing, It sounds oddly familiar to him.

As he slowly walked to the side to peek, he finds Jazeon running like flash in the castle, soon chased by 4 boys. Caprico so badly wanted to help, but he was in no place to. Even as he hates to admit it, he was kinda scared of the marauders. He grabbed on tightly to his sketchbook and turn away.

Walking fastly to the lake and sat under the tree that is protecting him from The heat of the sun, it was a little cold, Winter was coming and he couldn't wait to go to hogsmede. A few more minutes, he was sweating nervously, he was feeling really bad and guilty.

Finally deciding to help the poor blonde boy that has been bullied by the marauders numerous times, As he was about to stand up, He sees Jazeon hiding behind another big tree, He finds the marauders on which end looking around for Jazeon.

As Caprico sinks back to his place, continuing on sketching whatever comes in his mind, and all the things he dreamed about and couldn't get off his head. All suddenly, He felt a shadow block the sun coming his way.

He looked up from his skect book and saw the marauders standing tall once again, but this time, it was in front of him. Caprico felt all suddenly nervous at what they might do. Remus Lupin and Peter Pettiegrew were just in the end, looking really guilty, mostly Remus.

"Well you look at here, Another Slytherin Snake." James potter spoke, nudging his bestfriend who wasn't really much paying attention.

"Oh?—" Sirius asked James confused, as James kicked his friend in the leg not too hard. Sirius yelped and looked at James as if he was mental.

"Sirius! Pay more attention." James Whispered yellingly to him. Sirius looked like a child being scolded and Caprico finds it amusing.

"— Yeah. Oh, yes Indeed." Sirius said without any life, He sounded more like confused. He was busy thinking of things like his house and what he did back then. James nodded satisfied then turned to Caprico.

"You know, Sirius. All Slytherins are all slimy snakes, Especially Snivellus and Monster Boy, what makes this sketch boy any different." James states, He had another point of view that soon you'll understand why he thinks the way he is.

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