Fight back

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Joohyun woke up to the sound of ringing on her phone.

3 am.

87 missed calls from Joy-ah~!

Joohyun bit her lip. Shit. Shit. Shit. She was in so much fucking trouble. Joohyun got up and called back, trying not to disturb Seulgi.

"Ah sorry baby,"Joohyun whispered

"I'm coming to pick you up,"Joy growled

"I'm sorry,"

"I don't care for your fucking sorry, you better be ready for hell you whore,". Hung up.

Joohyun broke down. She fell to the floor making a loud thud and started to sob hysterically.

Seulgi came rushing out to go see what the noise was and saw Joohyun. Her heart broke at the sight of this.

"Hyunnie! What happened!"Seulgi sat down next to her holding her.

"I-I'm afraid I don't w-want to g-go back,"Joohyun whimpered, quietly sobbing. A loud knock could be heard as they snapped their heads to the door.

Joohyun rose up as Seulgi went to follow. They opened the door slowly as they say a tired, angry Sooyoung.

"We're going. Now,"Sooyoung harshly grabbed Joohyun pulling her forward. Seulgi felt useless. Absolutely useless.

"No!"Seulgi yelled at her pulling Joohyun back. "Fuck you! You are an abusive piece of shit!"Seulgi spat.

Sooyoung looked like she was about to rip out Seulgi's hair and choke her out.

It's all my fault.

Joohyun got out of Seulgi's grip and walked over to Sooyoung.

"It's okay I'm going to go now,"Joohyun whispered as she followed Sooyoung to the car.

Seulgi watched the door close and felt absolutely horrible. Like when you know something horrible is going to happen and you could've prevented it. But you didn't.

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The birds were chirping, the sun was out and a bear named Kang Seulgi was worried as hell. It was had been a few days since Joohyun didn't arrive to school.

Yeri and Wendy were also worried. Considering the fact that this has happened before and when they saw her again, she was a mess.

All three girls were sitting at a table, talking about her.

"Do you...think..."Seulgi stuttered.

"It's Sooyoung. For sure. It's happened before..,"Wendy told her. Yeri looked worried as she turned her head to the left flinching at a small girl who tapped on the shoulder.

"I'm back."Joohyun said in the most monotone voice ever. She sounded like a robot.

"joOhyuNnie~"Seulgi ran up and hugged her tightly.

"Ow. Please. Stop,"Joohyun whispered pulling her off. Oh her skin you could see heavy amounts of concealer. Her sweater was coated a bit red.

"Joohyun stay the fuck away from Sooyoung. She needs to burn in Hell,"Yeri threatened.

"I-it's not....,"Joohyun tried to deny it. Key word. Tried.

"Don't be a fucking idiot Joohyun she is toxic as hell, leave that bitches ass,"Wendy shook her as she grabbed Joohyun's shoulders.

"Don't meddle with my fucking love life! It's mine,"Joohyun yelled catching the attention of others. "Besides...I know she loves me,"

Joohyun glared at all of them but softened a bit at Seulgi before walking away from them.

Seulgi looked down at her phone.

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