About Me!!!!

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The picture above was a picture from my best friend and how she feels about me!

So to start off my name is Dawn. (The name Dawn means 'Awakening' Btw)

I am a female.

As you know I do band and cheer.

I have suffered from a very bad case of depression.

I have a small case of depression still.

I was bullied badly and thought of myself as worthless.

When I was getting bullied I lost family members that majorly help with the depression I had beforehand. When they passed it cause major depression because the bullying just got worse. It was to the point I tried to commit suicide.

But enough with that topic.

I am 15 years old.

I am a Freshman in High school.

I have 10 animals that I own. I have 4 dogs, 5 Guinea Pigs, and a hamster. My hamster I got originally as a personal pet but then she became my beast friend and helped with my depression.

I love anime and I love fantasy. It helps me escape reality when I need to. I relate more to fantasy more than real life sadly.

I keep myself shielded away from others.

I don't like talking to strangers or people I barely know.

My favorite color is orange.

My favorite food is chicken.

My favorite drink is apple juice.

I dislike sodas or can also be called pop and soda pop

I live in the United States, I also live in the state Michigan.

I will usually be quiet unless I'm provoked, tired, or comfortable enough to talk.

I am known to be loud unless uncomfortable, to pissed off to even talk, or someone I dislike or has bullies or bullied me tries to talk to me.

I am not a popular girl in school.

Don't provoke me because I will throw punches and people say that I am stronger than most girls and match the strength of most boys in my grade. (I kicked a popular ass in a fight before and no one wants to start fights with me anymore.)

I am usually sore or hurting from cheer. I either work hard to the point I almost pull muscles or break a bone, or pull muscles and get concussions. I actually got my first concussion in cheer.

I have wrestled and got mostly 1st and 2nd place. I have also played basketball.

I draw but don't draw terribly but not amazingly awesome either.

I feel that I am ugly, fat, stupid, and well useless but that's normal for me right?

Well that's enough about me. I will see you in the next update and goodbye, Hasta Manana, Hasta luego, Nos Vemos, and Adios

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