Heart's of Thunder [The Hulk or Flash?]

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"Today the weather will be Hot Hot Hot up to...." The radio ran on in the back ground. I was chilling in my Uncle Max's Hummer while Birdy was at the doctors (aka the work shop). I sighed loudly, closed my eyes and kept listening to the robotic voice on the radio.

I was in the school parking lot....three hours before school. The sun was still down and since the school is on a hill I like to watch the sun rise.

Uncle Max wasn't mad at all that Birdy was hurt, in fact, he was happy I got to talk to Josh. After all Uncle Max was the one introduced us when I was six.

Josh's dad workes with Uncle Max at the hotel down on Chest Nuts road. Ha ha, Chest Nuts. Never mind inside joke. All I'm saying is Birdy need a tune up anyway. So it all worked out fine.

Expect the fact that Lacey is a batch and I'll hate her for the rest of my life. That's the end of it. She's been on my case since Third Grade when I start to get loud and happy again. She's hates me and I hate her. Ugh. You know what next time I see her and she trys to pick on me and be mean to me and stuff I'm gonna kick her fake ass and rub her plastic surgery face all over the floor! She can eat shit for all I care.


"Holy Chet!" I said shooting up from my comfortable position, "Yes?" I looked at my window to a flash light.

"Police. Please get out of the car." I heard a gruff voice say to me.

No way it was the police. My Aunt Elle (Uncle Max's wife) is the Sheriff and I got a permit from her saying I could be there AND I was in a cop car right now! Uncle Max is one too. He work security for Josh's Dad's Hotel. No way in hell I was getting out of this car.

"May I please see your badge?" I said locking the doors. Waiting. No answer? I thought. The flashlight was still at my window, but I heard laughing.

"May I please see your badge?" Josh's voice said back.

"Nooo." I said shaking my head and smiling, "What cha doing here Josh?"

"Same reason as you I think?" He answered lowering the light and looking at me. His signature grin was on his face.

"Oh really? And what that?" I said back playfully.

"Well if you let me sit the Hummer with you I'll tell you." He said and walked over to the passengers side door. I leaned over and unlock it. He climb in and shut the door. Get comfy and looking at me again as I leaned back and snuggled into my chair. I switched the radio to my ipod and put on Topeka by Ludo.

"Good song." He said.

"Yea. Now tell me. Why are you here so early?" I asked him closing my eyes again after checking the time.

"Well I was going to go for a run, then jump in the schools shower but, I saw you and you just looked so peaceful I wanted to come do whatever you were doing...What are you doing anyway?" He said evenly and fully like he had been practicing but, it sound natural.

'Man, this boy was good. I mean to think I've had a crush on him since like...well since I met him I guess...' I thought to myself.

"Are you okay?" Josh's voice broke my concentration.

"Huh?" I said looking up. I didn't even know I was looking down.

"You always get this look on your face like your...well talking to someone else." He said worried.

"Oh no. I'm fine I was just thinking...really really hard." I said trying to back myself up.

"Okay?" He look amused.


"Nothing Abby."

"Josh! What is it?!"

"I didn't say anything!" he looked more and more amused every second.

"Whatever." I said coldly and looked away.

"Hey! Don't act like that!", he said softly," Really Abby you get to worked up some times." He sighed at me. I sighed too.

"Sorry." I said.

"No, I'm sorry, okay? I've been..." He trailed off at the end.

"Been..?" I urged.

"Well...I don't know how to say it..." he said looking away from me. It was dark in the car but not dark enough for me to not see a light red blush touch across his cheeks.

"Oh. Take your time. No need to rush, I got all morning til school starts and afterwards" I answer to his shyness sweety. No need to make him feel awkward.

"GOD! Abby, you....ugh how do I say it!" This was the first time ever that I saw Josh, Yes the Joshua Mills, get upset and almost...angry.

"C-Calm down! Don't turn into the Hulk! My Aunt would KILL me if her car exploded!" I said quickly trying to lighten the mood.

"What?!" He said laughing at me.

I blushed, his laugh was like an explosion of heat, it rushed into me and engulfed me.

"Well, I always thought you were a super hero or something...like Flash or the Hulk." I said sheepishly, "An I didn't want you to exploded in the Hummer cause I don't think my Aunt and Uncle would buy that you turn into the Hulk..." I trailed off, he was still laughing.

Once he calmed down he looked at me and said, "So the Hulk or Flash? Hmmm. I like Flash. 'Member I am a runner."

"Yea..but I've never seen you mad so I thought you meant be Hulk." I smiled at him happily.

"Noooo. I not the Hulk." He said happily, grinning like no tomorrow, "What would you be? I mean if you were a super hero?"

"Hmmm...I'd be that chick off of Hancock! That's be sooo awesome! Expect I'd be single....Yea. I'd totally single."

"Really? I could see you as Wonder Woman."

"No. She's too Amazon." I smiled at my stupid pun. Get it. Amaz-on? He laughed.

This was great just me and him. Alone and bonding. I wish this happened every day. The hours passed we laughed and joked, watched the sun rise and soon other cars pulled beside us and kids our age climbed out and waved at each other, grouped up and left for classes early. Josh and me finished laughing and looked at each other. Both of us could see the long in the others eyes, but nothing happened.

"Well I guess I'll see you at lunch?" He said happily with just a hint of sadness.

"Yea." I answered coolly, "See ya then." We climb out of my car and walked our separate ways.

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