Jojo's Advice

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When I find that people have copied my stories either on Wattpad or other reading and writing site I don't go all King Kong and post abusive hatred on their boards or stories where people can read it publicly. I simply send them a PM asking them to change it around a bit or take it down. If you are currently doing something like this, send me a PM owning up and I will actually give you help and advice in how to develop your own ideas into a good story.

I advise people to have more creativity rather than taking other people's ideas and tweaking them a little bit. The people who tend to do this may not actually follow me so they might not see this, but if you are reading this don't hesistate to contact me. I won't be angry, I actually like it when people tell me for themselves rather than letting me find out later.

This actually goes for anyone who wants advice. I hope it was helpful enough!

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