According to plan!

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For Jonny's plan, he had to get Dennis and Mavis out of their room. For this next Date for me and Drac, he wanted to use their room.

He allowed Dennis to stay over at Winnie for a sleepover, while Mavis should take Tinkles out for a long walk. Eunice and Wanda were told to join her, only to distract the young Dracula from coming back too soon. Jonny went over to the Drac pack, "okay, Dennis and Mavi are out of the way, next you have to get N/A to the room."

Griffin had an idea. With Wayne's claws, he switched the room numbers. The werewolf wasn't too sure about this, "You think she would fall for it?" "Not one of knows their room number and where it is, right?" At this point, he was right. No matter how many times they took a vacation at this hotel, no one had the orientation skills to find their rooms quickly. Griffin was pleased, "She will fall for it, trust me."

Frank agreed with Wayne, "I don't think so. If Drac is with her, he surely realizes the change."

"Don't worry Frank, Jonny has a plan for this as well."

He has indeed. Drac was doing his job as the owner of the hotel, as Jonny interrupted him, "Hey Drac, Dracy, dude. What's up?"

The vampire didn't like the sound of that, turning his back on his son-in-law, "What do you want"

"Oh, it is not me who wants something..." he began slowly, " is my beloved wife that wants your attention."

"Maivs? Is everything alright?!"

Jonny had raised his arm in defense, "No, no, nothing wrong. She is absolutely fine. I was told to get you. She wanted to discuss something with us, in her room."

"Oh?" Since it is daughter, he let everything like it was and followed Jonny upstairs.

At the same time, Murray and Frank ran towards me, "N/A, N/A, N/A!!!!!"

"Woah, slow down, what is going on here?"

The two were acting concerned...making me worried. Murray pointed towards the elevator, "Your luggage is gone!"

"Eh? How do you know that?" I asked confused.

Frank tired something else, "Your room is on BAD!!!!"

"Shouldn't you tell Drac about this?" I said bored, still not convinced, "If you keep on telling all sorts of rubbish I will take my leave."

Suddenly, as voice made me jump, it was so close to my ear, but no one was there, "Drac stole your laptop." "Ahhhh....Griffin! What the hell are you...wait...laptop?" "Yeah, he wanted to see what else you got on it."

"Oh no..." I had plenty of things on it that no one should see. In a matter of seconds I was in the elevator heading towards my room. I had to ask several witches for the right direction, until I the wrong room. "Huh?" I checked my room key...the number was different. My guess was that this was a misunderstanding. I checked the lock, but my key didn't get into the hole. Jonny was smart, he placed a second key from the inside. My key couldn't open the door. Next off, I headed downstairs. It was Wayne's turn now. He waited nearby, pretending to walk around, finding his pups. The werewolf offered me his assistance to help out.

Drac and Jonny were already at the door.

"Mavis is in the bathroom. Why don't you take a seat in the living room?" he suggested, pushing the count in. Drac took this as one of Jonny's character traits and waited patiently on the sofa. Jonny excuse himself, pretend to have forgotten something in the lobby.

Wayne and I were just walked around the corner as he came our way.

"N/A, what brings you here?"

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