A Simple Bite, Changes A Relationship.

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SHIP: Chandlamara.

PLOT: A virus started by Jason ‘J.D’ Dean, has taken many innocent victims who now are either dead, or undead. Our Heathers doesn't know, but only two get left standing.

T.W: Character death.


Okay, so one, I'm not sick now, but I still cough. That's a different story. Two, I'm sorry for not updating, I'm lacking ideas. Uh, so, I hope you're all doing fine!



The horde was getting closer, and Veronica, Heather Chandler and Heather McNamara was slowly meeting their match, though neither of them had realised it. The brunette was shooting with hellbent rage, and it was good for her too. Her girlfriend, Heather Duke, had been infected the last time this happened, and Veronica was forced to kill her. It was clear she hadn't gotten over it.

“Die, you bastards!” Veronica screeched, shooting the zombie version of Stephanie, or how she was known, Punk Girl at the small school before all this happened. Mac ducked under Chandler's arms and shot one coming a little too close. More came, zombified versions of Kurt, Ram, New Wave Girl (Actually named Luna), and Martha, which only made Veronica more mad, “J.D, you motherfucker! Martha didn't deserve this, no one did!” She yelled.

“Not even Kurt and Ram, and they were arseholes!” Chandler interjected, as the two shared glances. The blue Heather, after a while was being cornered by the two jocks. Mac was too busy on shooting, and Ram was about to bite Veronica, and Chandler, without thinking, shoved the brunette out the way.


It took everything in Chandler to not scream, as she shot both the jocks. She and Veronica made eye contact, and the brunette's eyes widened.

“They…They bit you,” She breathlessly spoke. Chandler gasped, sniffling a little.

“No.. No, no, no!”

“Chan?” Mac raised a brow, as Veronica covered the bite mark with Chandler's scarf that she kept for emergencies, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, she's fine,” Veronica spoke for her, “Let's get back to base.”


Chandler, was simply, starting to lose it. Ram had bitten her in the shoulder, and Kurt had nipped her in the collarbone. It was working faster because two got to her. She was scared, she couldn't tell Mac, Mac would only get herself killed. But she didn't want to end up like Duke.

But it seems I'm gonna have to..’ The blonde thought bitterly, pacing around the room, slightly stiff and limply. She heard the door open, and she whipped around, arching a brow. It was only Veronica.

“Hey, Heather,” The brunette offered a sheepish smile, then it faltered when she notices the constant wild look in the red girl's eyes. How they looked bloodshot, and dead, like whatever was behind them died long ago. The attack was only five hours ago, “C, you need to tell her..”


“If you don't, it'll hurt her more.” The clouded part of Chandler's mind, jolting to life. With a defeated and dead gaze, she looked Veronica straight in the eye.

“bRiNg… HeR iN..” The brunette obliged, leaving quickly to get Mac, her distant shouts echoing down the abandoned part of the school. Chandler collapsed against the wall, soft growls emitting from her throat as she teared up, ashamed of what she was becoming. But there was no antidote, no ‘take that’'s, and no retorts, no second chance, no last resort. She'd be crucified by her own girlfriend. That is what she wanted. Memories of a better time, of some she called her friends before this shitehole, played in her head.


“C'mon, Chandy!” Mac beamed up at her, as they walked alongside Duke and Veronica. They were all at the mall, spending the day with eachother, happy. They were in the clothing shops, looking at a few shirts and skirts, just for fun.

“Ooh! How about this?” Veronica exclaimed, throwing it ontop of Duke who chuckled, taking it off and looking at it, “Go try it on, Dukie!”

“Only if you stop calling me that stupid nickname!” Duke smiled, wandering away.

What none of them knew was that this was the last day they'd see Heather Duke.


“Chan?!” Mac exclaimed, as Veronica handed the blonde her own gun, “What happened?! Why do you look like shite?”

“mAc…” Chandler growled again, blood oozing from her bite marks. That's when Mac realised, but was shocked when she went to open her mouth, “mAc… ShOoT..mE..”

“What? No! I'd never!”

“yOu.. HaVe To..”

“No! Not again! We lost Duke, I'm not losing you too!” Chandler looked up at her with pleading, tear filled eyes.

“i'Ll AlWaYs… Be HeRe.. In SpiRit..”

“Mac,” Veronica sniffled, “We can't have her suffer the entire time.. You'd be doing her a favour.”

Mac sniffled, but slowly aimed her gun at Chan's forehead, “Promise me, you'll find Duke wherever you go.. I love you, okay?”

“i LoVe YoU… tOo..” Chan smiled gratefully.

That was when both blonde's worlds went black. Mac turned to Veronica, the gunshot still ringing in her ears, unable to glance at her girlfriends dead body, as she, uncomfortably, grabbed the former leaders scrunchie and gun.

“We have a J-fucking-D to kill.”

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