Episode 29

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After another day or two, my fever was gone, so that was good

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After another day or two, my fever was gone, so that was good.

Being sick sucked. I sort of felt bad for my old classmates. That wasn't fun. I wondered how they did it. If not for Raymond and Arthur, it would've been worse cuz I didn't know what that felt like before.

Still, I spent a lot of time in the room. Some of the time it might've been the being sick made me feel lazy, but I didn't think that could explain why I felt like that as long as I did.

Arthur came in around ten or so today. He looked like he didn't sleep very well, had a busy morning, or got ticked off for some reason.

Raymond shrink into the chair when Arthur came in, so he must've been scared.

"Raymond." Arthur took a long breath. "I won't bite your head off, son."

"I know..."

I didn't think I was very convinced, either. The kid was shaking. He followed directions well, but I didn't think he had a tendency to get scared so easily.

"Take five if you need it."

Raymond practically ran out of the room.

Arthur turned to me. "Starting to feel a bit cramped again? You're still used to being busy all the time?"

I scratched the back of my neck. My cheeks were hot. "Kinda... yeah..."

"Do you mind getting hot?"

I shook my head.

"Come on then. I was going somewhere you might like."

He scribbled something on a paper on the desk.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked.

"If I hadn't, poor Raymond would probably freak out when he gets back. I imagine he wouldn't leave the room long because of his rules."

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

I followed him out. Even though I'd seen them whenever I ate in the cafeteria with Raymond, these walls were still like pretzels to me.

This place Arthur showed me was the furthest I'd been away from my room since I arrived here. There was no way I'd find the place on my own even if he gave me a paper with directions on it.

We got there eventually, though. The place was huge. It looked like a greenhouse. Since I saw a few vegetables, It wasn't that out there to think they grew the food they used in the cafeteria. Most of their food definitely tasted better than the stuff we bought on Earth.

Arthur sat on this small brick wall. "Beautiful place, right?"

I nodded. "Except for the fact we didn't have a garden, it reminds me of the backyard I had back home."

"In your other world?"

"Yeah. The food here is definitely better than it is there, too."

Arthur smiled. "One thing I respect about my boss is that he only eats homegrown food. He thinks the concept of highly-processed foods are the work of the Masquerades."

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