Turkey Day

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Thanksgiving week arrived before I realized it. Work started to slow down some, the weather was, well cold.

"You're coming to my mom's for thanksgiving, right?" Chris asked me the Monday evening before Thanksgiving. He threw another log into the burning fireplace before jumping back on the couch with me under the fleecy, Sherpa throw I had covered myself with.

"Yeah, although I haven't exactly told my parents that I was invited to your house. We usually go to my Gran's and Pop's." My dad's parents live in Newbury which is a little over an hour north of us on the coast. My dad's brother and wife live there and my cousins, as well as my dad's sister and her kids. Thanksgiving is usually a big deal. We always ride up together and spend the night up there and then me, my mom, my aunts and cousins go out Black Friday shopping.

"You didn't tell them?" He frowned.

"No, I mean Thanksgiving is a big deal. I didn't want to upset them or disappoint them."

"You could always invite me to your house." He slid his arms around my waist pulling me close.

"Really? I mean we spend the night at Gran and Pop's."

"You don't want to spend the night with me? Or are you just embarrassed to bring me home?" He teased.

"What about your family?" I stretched my legs out under the blankets.

"We can see them when we get back on Friday." He shrugged.

"Are you sure? I feel like your family would be unhappy if I took you away on Thanksgiving."

"What time do you leave for your grandparents?"

"Usually around 11."

"Ok well my family has a huge Thanksgiving morning breakfast. How about we go there and then we can leave for your grandparents. Then we can come have leftovers Friday night with my family."

"Your family has a big breakfast on Thanksgiving?" I wrinkled my nose.

"Yes." He playfully pinched me. "We eat dinner really late. So, we like a big breakfast to tide us over while we watch the parade." His eye twinkled.

"You're such a big kid." I laughed.

"You know it baby."

"We're going to spend Thanksgiving together. That seems kind of serious."

"We're practically living together." He rubbed my leg with his hand, "That seems pretty serious."

"Do you want to go to this work event with me?" I laid my head on his shoulder snuggling closer to him.

"Sure, what is it?"

"It's the annual Holiday Gala. Our law firm attends each year. Most prestigious firms, all kinds of different companies, police departments, they all go. It's $500 a table and we get 4 tables, so I can bring a guest."

"I'd be honored to go."
"You don't have to. I don't want to put you on the spot. But I think it would be fun. It's black tie."

"Of course I'll go! When is it?"

"December 14th, a Friday night."

"I'll be there."

"Ok." I smiled. "I'll put you down as my plus one."

Thanksgiving morning I woke up with Chris's arm wrapped tightly around me. I smiled before slipping out from underneath him. We had to be at his mom's at 9 and it was already 8:15.

"No." Chris groaned reaching out he pulled me back against him.

"We have to go to your mom's." I wiggled out of his grasp.

"I don't want to go to my mom's." He pouted. "I want to stay in bed."

"I love you and want to stay in bed to. But I think your mom would be very unhappy if we missed breakfast since we won't be there for dinner."

"Fine. 5 more minutes."

"Ok but I'm hopping in the shower."

"On second thought." His eyes flew open and he grinned. "I'll get up now." He threw the blankets off from him and made a mad dash for the bathroom.

We walked into Lisa's front door at 5 after 9. I clutched Chris's hand tightly. I was past the point where I was nervous around his family but spending a holiday together felt like a big deal.

"Hi guys!" His sister Shanna was the first to greet us.

"Hey!" Chris hugged her and I did the same.

"Sorry we're late." I apologized.

"You're fine." Shanna waved it off. "Right on time actually."

We followed her to the kitchen where Chris's entire immediate family was sitting at the breakfast bar and table in the nook that was right against a huge bay window.

"UNCLE CHRIS!" Miles jumped off his seat at the breakfast bar.

"Hey buddy!" Chris scooped him up in a hug.

"Hi Breelan" Miles gave me a toothy grin.

"Hey kiddo." I tousled his hair.

"Granna said you're not staying for dinner." Chris's niece Stella pouted as she spun around on her chair.

"Not this year. I'm going to go Breelan's families."

"Why can't they all come here?" Miles asked.

"Because you eat all the turkey!" Chris teased tickling him before setting him down.

"Breakfast can officially begin because I AM HERE!" Scott entered the kitchen wearing a red plaid adult onesie with a hood.

Chris burst out laughing, "What are you wearing?"

"Don't laugh." Scott said seriously, "You got one too." He raised an eyebrow and gave Chris a hug.

"Hi Scotty" I smiled as he moved to me.

"Hi gorgeous. I cannot believe you're still tolerating him." He jerked his thumb towards Chris.

"What can I say? I kinda like him."

"Apparently." He hugged me then moved towards the kitchen island which had a buffet of breakfast food.

"Ok kids." Lisa cleared her throat, "We can dig in, but first I just want to say that I'm thankful for every single one of you. I love you all very much. And I'm also very glad that Breelan is joining us this year. I hope that this is the first of many."

I blushed as Scott whistled and Stella clapped her hands together.

"Ok, ok." Lisa laughed, "Youngest to oldest you know the rules." We got in line and she handed us plates.

We stayed at Lisa's till 11:00 when we had to leave in order to make it to my grandparents in time for dinner.

I usually ride with my parents but since Chris was coming with me we rode separately. And we decided to take my mustang. I let Chris drive and couldn't remove the permanent smile on my face as he grabbed my hand lacing his fingers with mine as we drove to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

"What's the smile for?" He glanced over at me.

"I'm happy. Really happy." I squeezed his hand.

"Me too sweetheart. Me too." He winked at mebefore bringing my hand to his lips.

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