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Him: Gm.

Me: Heyyyy

Him: Hru?

Me: Good, now that I'm talking to you :)

Me: Fuck, sorry, sometimes I don't think before I say things. 

Him: Why are you saying sorry?

Me: Cause isn't that weird to say when we like just met?

Him: I thought we agreed that it didn't really matter that we just met.

Him: And anyways, I like weird. So you're all good.

Me: Okay. Anyways, we've talked about me a lot... what about you?

Him: I don't like talking about me very much.

Me: Why not?

Him: You'll understand soon enough.

Him: I would tell you who I am, but I like you not knowing who I am, honestly.

Me: Why?

Him: You'll understand later.

Me: Okay. 

Him: So, you said your friend is going to a wdw concert, right?

Me: Yeah...

Him: Would you be able to go?

Me: Yeah, she offered. Why?

Him: I think you might like it.

Me: Ugh, you sound like her. That's just not my thing.

Him: What is your thing, then?

Me: I don't really have one

Him: Everyone does.

Me: Well, define "thing," then.

Him: Oh, I just meant like, what are you into.

Me: You.

Me: Like, getting to know you better, not like INTO you into you.

Him: Got it. 

Me: What's your thing?

Him: Music, I think.

Him: And you.

Him: Gotta go. Ttyl?

Me: Omg, did you really just say "ttyl"?

Him: Yep. Bye, Kali.

Me: Bye, Jack. Ttyl :)

Him: :)

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