We Are Giants

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I was led down an even thinner path, clinging to the male demon hunter on my side. My hair fell into my face, it was still long but I couldn't tell what color it was. Hopefully still silver, it was my favorite color.

"You're lucky," Kelthorn said, his voice echoed through the empty halls. "You were able to prove yourself in the pit. Lord Illidan must have thought highly of you in your mortal form. A warrior, you were, correct?"

"I was, yes," My voice was not like how it used to be. It was tough, like ripping charred flesh. Not like it used to be; soothing and elegant. "Now I cannot even put one foot in front of the other. I skid my toes across the floor so I don't trip, and I must reach my hands out to keep myself from-"

"Melithar," Kelthorn spoke so swiftly it caught my breath. He grasped my hands and pressed them together. "Look at me,"

"But I can't-"

"Look at me."

I picked my head up to where his voice carried it, but I could look around to try and find something. I had empty sockets with no light to guide them...

But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flicker of light, of what looked like fire. "Is there a torch just to the left of us?"

Kelthorn laughed softly. "Yes, Melithar, you're settling into your new body. Soon, you will see more than you once could."

"Can you see me?" I asked suddenly, hope could be spotted in my voice. "The way I would have seen you?"

"I see you."

And then we were walking down the cold, empty halls again, to a room that passed the screams of demons. Or demon hunters. It all sounds the same to me.

I could feel the demon inside of me clawing at my rib cage, trying to break free of my mental stockade. I was strong, though. Kelthorn told me along the way that unless you were a great elf in your past life, you were given felhounds to slay. They're small, about the size of a pony. My demon was much, much larger. Lord Illidan chose four elves to battle it. Two were commanders of battle, and the other was a sworn sword of Prince Kael'thas. I was the daughter of no noble birthright; I am related to no priestess, archdruid or Kirin Tor mage. I practiced, that's all I did, and then I grew strong. I became a protector for my people, and was mentored by none other than Maiev Shadowsong. But she may be dead now, along with everyone else I knew.

When we made it to the room, Kelthorn sat me down on a wooden table and laid me down across it. "Please, don't struggle, and try not to scream too loud. You'll wake the demons." I could hear the smirk in his voice, but I remained still.

He tied my arms down and fastened my ankles on the legs of the table. I tried to jerk them free, to make sure it was secure, and it was.

"Will this be painful?"

He hesitated a moment before I heard him meddle with iron tools. "Excruciatingly painful, unfortunately. But this is something that must be done."

"Can you explain to me what you're doing?" I asked, fear could be heard in my voice, which is why Kelthorn didn't respond. He pressed a cold hand to my ankle and.. and then the fire started.

The pain of steel drove through my skin and traveled straight to my brain. My body began to jerk and I barred my teeth, struggling to keep myself from screaming but I had no choice. My lips fled open and my voice carried out through the halls- I don't think I've ever screamed so loud in my life. The pain was unbearable as the steel tool continued to carve up my leg and around to my shoulders. I turned my face to cry, but with no eyes, no tears can form. My torso jerked as I ran out of air, and soon my body fell limp. The pain was in the back of my head now. I shut my eyelids and began to lose the feeling in my toes...

No... no! I'm falling asleep!

I forces myself awake but I was too weak to keep them open.

"Just let yourself faint, Melithar," Kelthorn cooed in my ear. "This will make it easier for the both of us."

"N-N-No!" I roared through clenched teeth, jerking my hands at their restraints. "I can't fall asleep for another eight hundred years!"

"That won't happen, I promise." His voice made my body fall slowly, and my lashes began to flutter again. The pain lingered in the back of my head now, and soon what little vision I had turned black. My legs fell limp to the table, and soon I fell asleep. I hope when I come to wake all of this will be over...

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