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Craig laughed and leans back in his chair, staring at the comments as they keep coming and coming. He was wearing his mask now, happily doing a live stream in the new apartment he bought. He was in one of the four rooms with his drum set and piano in opposite corners of said room. Besides those the room had bright blue lights that helped give the soft purple room a nice tint.  The room also faced the park that was a block away from his home. 

"You guys wanna see something cool?" He questions and the comments go crazy again as he was live on instagram. He bends over in his chair, pushing his pant leg up and fiddling with his leg for a moment before he's straightening and holding the prosthetic leg up in the air. The comments stop coming and he chuckles.

"Yeah. Your boy is crippled." He sighs and the comments surge again. Craig can't help but laugh and lay the leg across his lap. There was always a chance that his missing leg would give anyone a clue to who he really was but as he usually moved around in his chair it didn't really matter; Moving to much with his prosthetic tired him out so he always had something to help him.

Now in his career he had millions of fans, two albums out and his manager was even helping him decide if he wanted to do a tour or something along those lines.

"How'd I get it?" Craig murmur, reading the questions and statements as fast as he can.

"I got into an accident when I was seventeen and I ended up being thrown from the vehicle which then caused the other car to roll onto it and crush my leg. It had to be removed when it the skin was rejecting the grafts and it sorta just ended up being amputated to end all the hassle." He answers, toying with the leg.

"But to change the topic," He barked out a laugh at his own bluntness, "I hope you all are excited to hear that I'll be learning the flute soon."  The comments go crazy again the laughter returns followed by a yawn. The sky outside was darkening already and the medication Craig took for his headache earlier was causing him to be exhausted

"Alright guys, I think that's it for me." He sighs and laughs at all the requests and begs for him to stay.

"Yes well, I'm not exactly a night owl." He laughs, yawning again.

"Anyway, good night guys." He smiles before reaching over and turning the live stream off. When it's done he leans back, staring at his phone for a moment. Then he puts his leg back in place and stands, limping out of the room and into the kitchen, the lights turning off behind him thanks to his Alexa.

"Hey Alexa? Play some music." He calls and waits a moment before his own soft  voice fills the room.

"Thanks Alexa" He laughs, shaking his head and humming the lyrics to himself.  He was going to have to visit his office tomorrow to stay at a few meetings and sign off on some papers. He didn't really work there anymore, let someone else control most of the work while he still gained a large percentage of the money. He took some food out of his refrigerator, heating up the leftovers with a sigh.

Surprisingly, some miles away Brian rizor was listening to the same song as He watched the sky changed from his window. He was in his own home, his cocker spaniel joe laying at his feet on the couch.  Quiet nights like these made him think of craig; Of the boyfriend who he never truly broke up with.  His friends were all still the same, none changing much even after high school. The only thing that changes was his YouTube success, just like all the others, their channels had gained popularity.

"Let's eat somethin' joe." He murmurs, standing and walking over to his kitchen. Brian's home wasn't as large as Craig's, Two rooms, one bathroom and a open kitchen that led to the living room. It was small but it was his, no one else. He at least had an attic where most of his junk went. He looks in the mirror, signing a good morning to himself with a sad smile.

Both men lost the other after Craig moved, Craig who was unable to remember Brian's number after his phone was restarted and his number changed. It was needed, his manager had said, so craig didn't complain. Brian would have if he had been there. He needed Craig as much as Craig needed him.

Hopefully they'll meet again soon...

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