The Tracker

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Alex and Zu were fast asleep in the back of Betty while Liam and Chubs went out to get supplies from the gas station they had just stopped at. She were woken up by the sound of Betty's doors being opened, it was Chubs leaving a bag of food into the back. Alex was about to sit up when you Chubs pointed at Zu who was fast asleep on her stomach, so she decided it was best to stay in the position she was in. Chubs quietly closed the door and joined Liam who was climbing into the drivers seat and Chubs climbed into the passengers seat. Liam looked back at the girls and giggled quietly to himself at Zu who was still fast asleep. "Someone's tired," he whispered as he started the engine. They had been driving for about 1 hour and Alex was about to fall asleep when she heard Chubs yell "Shit." Something was wrong and it woke up Zu. "What's wrong?" she asked as she got into a sitting position before anyone could reply an gunshot was heard and a bullet came crashing through the windshield. "Lady Jane." Liam said, looking back to make sure they were okay. "How the hell did she find us?" Alex asked as she looked out the back window, only to see Lady Janes car and another, she must have seen her because she shot another bullet but Liam swerved and the bullet missed her by 3cm. "You okay?" Chubs said getting up, to make sure Zu was okay.  "Yeah, it missed me. There's someone else in a jeep behind her." Alex said as you climbed into the seat that was once occupied by Chubs. Liam looked into the rear view mirror. "Shit, shit, shit" He said focusing back on the road. "Its the league." He finished. Alex had heard about The League but she had never actually seen them. "What do they want?" Chubs asked. "One problem at a time Chubs" Liam said as Lady Jane came back into view. "Alex, take the wheel, Chubs gimme a hand and Zu come into the front and strap in." Liam ordered, being his normal bossy self and as usual everyone did as they were told. Chubs helped Liam, Zu climbed into the front and Alex took the wheel.She heard the back doors open and Liam ask "You got me?" and chubs reply, "Yeah I got you bro." This got to be good.  Alex thought. "Drive Faster and no matter what don't stop." This couldn't get any worse. Using his telekinesis, Liam started to take the roots up of trees through the road disturbing the cars path and making Lady Jane crash, leaving only The League to deal with. Just as Alex thought that Liam brought a tree crashing down onto the road, blocking The Leagues path. Liam got back into the van and Chubs closed the door. "Nice driving but I think I should stick to the driving," Liam said with a smirk on his face. "Agreed." She said letting Liam take the wheel. Alex thought everyone was all glad that the drama and action was over. 

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