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Him: Hey

Me: hEy

Him: wHaTs uP?

Me: nM, lol. Just laying in bed.

Him: How'd it go with the friend's boyfriend?

Me: Ugh. Apparently Jayla texted him first and like told him I'd be texting and to "be nice"

Him: Oof.

Me: yeah. And he obviously thinks I'm weird.

Him: That's a compliment.

Me: Not the way he means it. And Jayla said I'm weird too. But who cares.

Me: I know I am, so I don't really let it bother me. But it does anyway.

Him: yeah, I get it.

Me: Do you think I'm weird?

Him: A little. Good weird tho. Cause like, weird means different, and you're different.

Me: Good different?

Him: Definitely.

Me: I still haven't figured out who you are.

Him: I figured. You probably would've freaked out.

Me: But I mean, to me, you're just Jack.

Him: We'll see how you feel later on.

Me: Okay. But I'm sure I'll feel the same.

Him: I think I'll feel the same too.

Me: How do you feel about it? Me, I mean?

Him: It's nice to talk to someone who thinks of me as just Jack.

Me: I should probably go to bed, because it's midnight here, but I'm not tired, because I kinda just wanna stay up and talk to you... is that weird?

Him: Not at all.

Me: I wasn't sure if it would be or not/

Him: Honestly, I like that about you. How you kinda just say what you're thinking.

Me: Thanks.

Him: Of course. So, can I ask you a few random things? Just to get to know you more?

Me: Sure.

Him: How old are you?

Me: 17, you?

Him: 19. Is Kali a nickname?

Me: Yeah. It's really Kalista.

Him: Cool. What do you like to do?

Me: I like music, like a lot. But I don't really obsess over bands and the people in them, just the music, if that makes sense. Jayla's more into people, I'm into the music that the people make. 

Him: Do you sing or anything?

Me: I wish. Wbu?

Him: Uh-

Him: Yeah. I love music too. I sing and play guitar.

Me: Do you write any music?

Him: Yeah.

Me: You should try to release some music, then. 

Him: Yeah. Maybe.

Me: It's kinda weird to remember that I just met you yesterday.

Him: I agree. 

Me: I guess one of my problems is that I- well, first impressions matter to me a lot, and I don't think I judge wrong very often at all. But when I meet someone that thinks like me, which isn't very often, I kinda open up too fast.

Him: Me too.

Me: I was kinda referring to you there. Because I don't really meet people like you ever.

Him: And I've never met someone like you.

Me: So like, you're probably one of my best friends right now, even though we just met. 

Him: Same. You're all good.

Me: Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I should probably go to bed.

Him: Probably. Talk to you tomorrow.

Me: Can't wait :)

Him: Me neither :)

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