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Please read the authors note at the end... It's really important... Sorry for this chapter...

Half a year had passed as Percy, Hannah, Cho, Hermione, Draco, Neville and Luna became closer, becoming friends with bonds stronger than any other. Hannah's and Percy's love life was stable, all thanks to Percy's position in power and Cho's influence over her mother, Venus. Though there were a few jostles in their relationship now and then. Percy's name became famous, though it was not by his 'name', Perseus. 

Flashback start! whoop! 

Percy woke up in the middle of the night in his second month at Hogwarts. He groggily got up and trudged along, dragging his body over to the bathroom. He splashed his face with some water, completely forgetting the fact that his first father was Poseidon, meaning that water strengthened his senses. He woke up properly with a gasp, pinching his cheeks to scold himself. Though he wondered. He never woke up in the middle of the night before, unless there was an attack... 

Percy immediately pulled out his symbol of power as he twisted his ring, showing a staff with runes carved into it, the words glowing brightly. He slowly walked out of the room of requirement, kissing Hannah's forehead softly, thankfully leaving her asleep insted of waking her up. 

He walked outside and smirked as his breath turned white. It was mid-November, and the nights were frosty and cold. He kept his guard up and slowly walked into the Forbidden Forest, rune-staff at the ready. He heard a branch a hundred metres away move with the wind and stopped. He closed his eyes for a few seconds then suddenly tilted his head. A few centimeters away from his head, lodged into the bark of the tree was an arrow, aimed by a creature who never misses. 

''Leave human. This is not a place to walk in at the crack of dawn.'' A wise voice said, and Percy turned around, looking at the creature. A centaur. 

''Will your warnings still apply if I mention that I am no human?''

''Then what do you propose to be.''

''A godling. Or perhaps something slightly greater.''

''Godling? Ah, our ancestor's family tree spreads wide as it always has I see. The Greeks I presume?''

''Yes, I was at the same place where Chiron teaches, though it was only for a day or two.''

''Chiron? My, that was why his stars still shone till today. His constellation has become quite popular between magic folk and no magical folk I see, Saggitarius. Our ancestor.''

''May I ask which star shines the brightest tonight?'' 

''Hmm, Venus and Mars.''

''What a bad omen...''

''You earlier mentioned how you were greater than a godling. Perhaps you are a god?''

''You're right. Yes, I am a god.''

''Which god may I ask?''

''I am Percy, well Perseus.''

''The god Perseus. Does not have a ring to it... All we think of with the name Perseus is the hero, the son of Zeus and Danae. You must change your name to be further recognised young god.'' The centaur said in his millennium voice. 

''Quite impertinent aren't you?''

''I understand. Many of my kin often agree. Though what might you be the god of?''

''I am the god of all dear centaur. The God of All.''

''Our King! I am sorry that I did not realise!''

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