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Her: You should really become friends with Brad.

Me: You're bothering me because I'm not friends with YOUR boyfriend?

Her: Yep.

Me: Fine, I'll text him later.

Her: Kk. Thanks.

Me: No problem.

Her: He's so great.

Me: I know. I've heard the whole speech a million times.

Me: But I'm happy for you.

Her: Thanks

Me: No problem. I'ma be single forever.

Her: Nah. What about that dude who texted you?

Me: Jack? I don't even know him.

Her: Yesterday you told me you guys were still talking.

Me: Not like, TALKING, just casual texting.

Her: It's kinda funny though. My favorite WDW member is named Jack.

Me: Lol. 

Her: Well. Give me updates with the guy. And text Brad.

Me: Isn't that weird tho? Like hey Brad, I'm your girlfriend's best friend, what's up?

Her: Lol. Come on. Text him. For me. And stop overthinking everything.

Me: Did you really just say that? I could never stop overthinking things. It's what I do.

Her: Oml. Stop texting me until you've talked to Brad and Jack.

Me: Fine. Bye.

Her: Byeeeee

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