I'll Be Your Bad Boy ( X Chris )

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- Requested by my sister
- S/N means sister's name or girls name if you don't have a sister
- N/N is nickname as usual.

Your POV

      I was face timing Chris. My sister walked in with her boyfriend letting the music from the party follow them in. She seemed a little drunk.

" S/N, Tony! This is my room! " I screamed.

" Sorry, Sis! "

" Sorry, N/N. I'll get her out of here, " Tony added. I sighed happily as the left.

" Is it bad that I like my S/N's boyfriend? "

" Yes! " Chris immediately blurted, " but why exactly do you like him? "

" He's a total Bad Boy, I don't know why I like that about a guy. I just do. "

" You like Bad boys? "

" Yeah, " I laughed, " Can we please change the conversation? "

" Yeah, of course. "

( The Next Day )

      I held my backpack straps as I walked up to school. I saw a guy that looked like Chris, sitting on a motorcycle. It was Chris. I ran up to him and he stood up.

" Chris, where did you get a motorcycle? "

" My brother... Why? You like it? " I don't know why but I blushed. I always liked Chris but seeing him do this... Knowing it was probably because of what I said last night. I could see a little proof of hair coming out of his backwards facing hat.

" You're so cute Chris. " He blushed.

" Cute? No, I'm a Bad boy. " I walked up to him and grabbed his hat. I flipped it onto my head. I saw him tense up as I placed a hand on his stomach. I traced my fingers up his chest until I made my way to his cheek. He blushed at my touch.

" You didn't have to pretend to be a Bad Boy fore to like you. I liked you none the less. "

" R-Really? " He stuttered. I inched closer to him. My mouth was right next to his, giving him the chance to make the next move.

" I l-l-like you Y/N, " he murmured.

" Then kiss me. " His eyes widened and his hands went down. I tried not to laugh as he fixed his pants.

" D-Did I ruin the moment? " He asked nervously. I gave him a quick kiss.

" No. " He blushed deeply before pulling me in for a kiss. He wasn't the best at it but... I doubt he's ever been kissed before. I giggled as I pulled away.

" As much as I love this Bad Boy getup. Please, promise me you won't change yourself for me. " I gave him another quick kiss.

" I promise. "

Author's Note: Requested by my sister! I know, it's bad. Just to please my sister. If you liked it... Yay. I personally think it's a little weird.

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