After fight

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I woke up, I noticed that I was still in the arena.I noticed that the blond-haired girl was taking Riser, and Rias was running towards me.I got up and started walking towards Rias.

F/N: You see? I said I'd...

Rias hugged me tight and began to cry.

F/N: Hey, relax...

Rias: Baka...

F/N: Hm?

Then I noticed that the magical space begins to disappear.Suddenly, the floor disappeared and I began to fall.

Rias: F/N !

Then I remembered about my new power.

F/N:May it work! Firebird!

Then, my arms and legs began to burn with a powerful flame and I began to float in the air.

Then, my arms and legs began to burn with a powerful flame and I began to float in the air

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When everything calmed down, I turned to Rias.  Rias looked at me with admiration.

Rias: I see that you have new powers.

She flew to me using wings and grabbed my hand. Before I could say anything, we moved somewhere. For a moment I saw only a bright light.

F/N: Where are we?

???:In a safe place.

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the tall, red-haired man.

???: Hello, my name is Sirzechs Gremory. Nice to meet you.

F/N: Hello, my name is F / N L / N. Nice to meet you... sir.

Sirzechs:Haha ... you do not have to call me that. Call me Sirzechs.

The man smiled, I just nodded affirmatively.I have the impression that this is someone important.

Sirzechs: I just wanted to thank you, I'm sure that our parents and Phenex family will not be happy with breaking the engagement, but most importantly, my sister is happy. I will not stop you anymore, you still have a lot to do.

Then, under my feet, a white sign appeared, probably a teleport.

Sirzechs:I wish you good luck, I'm sure we'll meet again.

The white glow blinded me again.After a moment, I heard familiar voices. When the flash disappeared, Rias hugged me tight and cried.

F/N: Hey, why are you crying, everything is fine.You do not have to worry about this dumbass.

Rias: I know... i know... But ... I was worried about you.

F/N: I told you that I would succeed.There is no person who could beat me.

Rias: You should not be so confident, one day something bad can happen to you.

F/N: And that's why I need your help.In the end I have to practice with someone, right?

Rias wiped her tears and nodded with a smile.

Rias: Yes, but now we should rest. 

Rias looked at me for a moment.

Rias:You are not injured?

F/N: No, thanks to this Phenex power, I am able to heal my wounds even without charging the power.

Akeno: Incredible.

F/N: Thank you.

Rias: Well, it seems to me that we deserve a rest.

Rias said, as if to stop my conversation with Akeno. She also told us to go home.When we left the club room, I turned to Asia.

F/N: I am sorry Asia, that we did not go to the cinema, I promise you that we will go the cinema next weekend.

Asia:Ah, nothing happened, but I'm glad you remembered...

We all went to our homes talking happily.

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