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"Well, what do you think?" Ryan asked.

"Great editing! I hope we get good reviews." Seth said. The two boys were walking home from school after a late night of fixing up their video due for the next day. Cars passed by on the road as the two boys spoke. Ryan lived closer to the school than Seth did and this was the usual route they always took.

But that was always when there was sunlight.

This was the first they'd ever walked home in the darkness. Seth already had concerned text messages from his mother on his cellphone but completely ignored them.

Ryan noticed their shadows in front of them weren't moving meaning that headlights had been on them for a while. He turned his head to find a car driving slowly, trailing them. Seth looked back too and got nervous.

"Let's take the alley, we'll go around the building and lose them there," Ryan said. The car just kept on driving once they turned into the alley,"Maybe the fool was just driving slow perhaps. Better safe than sorry, huh?" Ryan laughed, his last laugh.

As they turned a corner around the building, the same car sped right past and took Ryan into a wall. His arm tore right off and the blood smeared onto Seth who in the state of shock stood still. He turned to the car which was now totalled against the wall with entrails dripping off the tires. Seth screamed and the car doors opened. Three men came out of the car and walked towards Seth. Seth turned to run but a steel baseball bat hit his head and he fell to the ground, dazed. He tried to muster the strength to get up but heard shots fired and his body felt three pulses of pain and three hot objects inside of him. His vision began to deteriorate and he felt weak. He laid his head down and closed his eyes while his body was kicked around and searched for valuables.

'Why is this happening?' he wondered.

'Why are humans like this?' he wondered.

'Mortals are filth!' a voice answered.

Seth opened his eyes and found three bodies of men on the floor around his, in pools of their own blood. Seth tried to stand up and actually stood up without effort. His wounds closed, nothing but scars and he felt no pain. The bodies were in pieces, their abdomens were torn open and their necks and faces cut.

Seth looked at his feet and found himself standing on his own body.

Seth was dead. And on his back he felt a weight, he reached back and pulled forward a giant sickle attached to a staff... What looked like a scythe... He then noticed his hands looked bony as if he hadn't eaten in ages. He felt his face and the exact same texture was felt. He began to get scared again and sounds of sirens filled the air. Seth was not sure what to do and so he dropped the scythe and ran.

Ran home.

'Maybe this is just some sick dream.'

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