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Me: Hey.

Him: Hey, not-Brooke.

Me: Is that my new nickname?

Him: For now.

Me: Alright then. So, did you ever get that straightened out?

Him: Ha. Nope.

Me: Are you TRYING to get her real number?

Him: Ha. Nope.

Me: Okayyy that works. Why'd you get her number in the first place if you didn't care?

Him: She kinda forced it on me, and I was bored, so I was gonna text her.

Me: But you got me instead.

Him: Lucky me.

Me: Hey!

Him: Just messing with you, lol. So, it was Kali, right?

Me: Yep. 

Him: I'd like to get to know you more, Kali.

Me: Um, okay.

Him: Is that weird?

Me: What? No, sorry, I'm just kinda awkward. That's all.

Him: That's okay.

Me: Yeah, ig. My best friend, well, SHE'S the one who's good with guys.

Him: And you're not?


Me: You should have been able to tell that by now.

Him: Lol. 

Me: I can't talk for much longer, cause my best friend is coming over.

Him: Ah, okay. But I'm surprised you texted again.

Me: Why wouldn't I?

Him: Well, since you don't know who I am. Unless you really DO know and you're just pretending.

Me: No, trust me, I never know anything. Just today my bsf, Jayla, was freaking out on me cause I'm not into boy bands, and she got tickets to one- here, I'll brb, I'ma go look at what the name of the band was.

Him: Okay.

Me: Why Don't We. And she was freaking out because I didn't know what a limelight was.

Him: O

Him: M

Him: G

Me: What? Are you about to hate on me too, for my lack of interest in boys? And boy bands?

Him: No, this is just hilarious.

Him: I'm gonna let you figure it out. But trust me, when you figure it out, you'll think it's funny too. And you will figure it out eventually, I'm sure.

Me: O-kay. Well, I gotta go. 

Him: Is it okay if I text you again?

Me: Yeah, sure, that would be great.

Him: Okay. Well, bye, Kali.

Me: Bye, Jack.


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