Chapter 25: Green

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The very next day after the fight between the two bendy rulers, I tried to go through my usual classes with a clear mind and an edgy smile, but that was proven fruitless, my mind was off in la-la land, I'm not talking about the one with Mia and Sebastian.

So many questions in my mind and none could be answered, the people that are closest to me, except for the usual missing Natsu, was quick to notice something wrong about me and would approach me with the same question, "are you okay?" I gingerly nodded and said the same thing again "I'm okay." I lied of course, how could I be okay?

I was barely able to go through the school day with a smile and respond back to whatever subject of the conversation was. I hate lying to the people I care the most but there are things I do not wish to worry them about, plus I cannot afford to show any sorts of trust or weakness to any of them, I still haven't figured out who the demon is.

Luckily the day went pretty quickly so I was able to make it through the daily lessons, I was happy knowing that the school day was finally over until I've been reminded that I have the after school one on one lesson with Terrance. I sighed with disappointment and dragged my feet to the same classroom.

The lesson went on and I couldn't focus on anything he said. I just stared into space, deep in thoughts. So many questions yet so little to go on.


"OI MAGICAL BOY! STOP STARING DOWN AT MY JOYSTICK!" I snapped out of my thoughts to realise that I was staring down at Terrance's lower half, "uh I uhm!" I blushed bright red out of embarrassment. Terrance sighs as he ruffles his dishevelled dark hair, "let's stop the lesson here," he said as he placed the chalk down, "I-I'm sorry..." I stared down at my feet whilst I watch my pen slowly roll off and lands near my bag.

I could hear Terrance's soft sighs and the sound of a chair being dragged on the floor and seats himself across my wooden desk, "what's up magic boy? did something happen?" he leans in close to view but I looked away, "nothing really," the obvious lie that slips from my lips created Terrance's concern to stir up.

"... Alex," I stared down at the floor to ignore my sweet name being called out from his mellow deep voice, he calls my name again but I still continue to ignore him, why is it that my name sounds better when he says it?

After calling out my name the fourth time he lifted my face up with a single finger curled around my chin, "focus on me magic boy and don't make me worry over your sorry ass." His insults slip past me for all I could focus on was his obvious worried face, he always had this small habit to bite the bottom half of his lip when he's anxious, angry or worried, so even through his insulting words I could tell he was just worried for my sake.

After I slipped a sigh, "I'm sorry Terrance," I looked back down and slipped past his finger, "I'm just a bit tired is all," I escaped from my wooden chair and went straight for the door, I excused myself at the door and left Terrance there a bit stunned with worries.

I felt bad, but I can't tell him. I left the school building but while doing so I've been ignoring anyone who would approach me for a conversation, Haru with his usual cheerfulness, ignored, Ken who always has an excuse to wait for me after my one on one lesson, ignored. 

I really wasn't feeling all that great to talk with anyone, so I slowly made my way back to the dorm, I just want to trap myself in my room without anyone bothering me, is what I thought, but there are occasions Natsu returns to the room to bother me, and I don't want to deal with that today either.

I looked around the area to see if there were any places I could be alone for a bit.

I noticed a rose arch to my right surrounded with thick green hedges, why haven't I noticed this place before?

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