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KYRA LET OUT A MUFFLED scream as one of the cyclops knocked Jason out

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KYRA LET OUT A MUFFLED scream as one of the cyclops knocked Jason out. They wrapped him up in a cocoon of chains before hanging him upside down beside her over the boiling pot,

Minutes later, Piper came down when the Cyclops impersonated Jason's voice and got captured, too. But where was Leo?

The other male cyclops took the gag off of Kyra, "Tell me, girl, is there another one of you?"

"Why would I tell you?" Kyra glared,

The cyclops grabbed Jason and began to squeeze, "Well, you tell me or I turn him into paste."

Piper began to mumble in her gag and the cyclops took it off of her, "There's one more!"

"Piper!" Kyra hissed, 

The cyclops smiled, "What's his name?"

"His name is Leo."

"Perfect." They put the gags back on them and one of them went over to the stairs before impersonating Piper's voice, "Leo, help!" There was a noise, but no vocal response, "Leo?" 

"Told you it was nothing," the other rumbled. 

"Leo, help me! Help—" Then his voice changed, becoming a masculine snarl. "Bah, there's nobody out there. No demigod could be that quiet, eh?"

The first cyclops chuckled. "Probably ran away, if he knows what's good for him. Or the girl was lying about a fourth demigod. Let's get cooking."

The Cyclops in the chain mail loincloth walked over to Piper, who squirmed and tried to head-butt him in the eye. "Can I take her gag off now? I like it when they scream."

The female cyclops grunted, and Loincloth ripped the gag off Piper's mouth. She didn't scream. She took a shaky breath like she was trying to keep herself calm.

The Cyclops in the toga poked at the fire, which was now blazing away and billowing noxious black smoke toward the ceiling. His buddy Loincloth glowered at Piper, waiting for her to do something entertaining. "Scream, girl! I like funny screaming!"

When Piper finally spoke, her tone was calm and reasonable, like she was correcting a naughty puppy. "Oh, Mr. Cyclops, you don't want to kill us. It would be much better if you let us go."

Loincloth scratched his ugly head. He turned to his friend in the fiberglass toga. "She's kind of pretty, Torque. Maybe I should let her go."

Torque, the dude in the toga, growled. "I saw her first, Sump. I'll let her go!" Sump and Torque started to argue, but the female Cyclops rose,

She shouted, "Fools!" She stalked over to Sump and pushed him aside, knocking him over the conveyor belt. Torque backed up quickly, "The girl is Venus spawn," the lady Cyclops snarled. "She's using charmspeak on you."

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