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Chapter 1: The start of the Beggining

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There are two girls named Luna Night and Jade Parker. If you will notice,they are just normal grade 7 students that was hanging out with there peers. Well thats what you know. They are part of the government's program in Phillipines :The investigator's and Detectives Gig of Students. They had solve different cases together and they also work as an informant of the Phillipine Police.

In school

"Jade" Luna said. "Hummmm" Jade answer while playing in her coins during class. In Luna's anger ,Jade's last throw are caught by Luna and throw the coin to her."Aaw Luna that hurts!"Jade's complain Luna Replied " and who's fault is it.!" "Luna!Jade! What are you doing? "

"Maam.Its Jade's fault because she is playing with her coins and while shes throwing her coin I am being shot!" Luna said nervously "Maam! May we go out?" Jade's outburts. Before there teacher's reply they ran outside and answer Luna's vibrating phone.

"What is it John? We are only in one place ! You can go to the cr and talk to us?!" Luna said.

"I am on the other campus of the school you know!I am being caught in class using this cellphone!" John answered.

John is Luna 's computer information major. He is reponsible on hacking things and communicating with there co-workers and to inform them ab out the scenes. He is the one who classifies the cases. Jafe's work is a medical expert and responsible for the crimes the readings of the crime. They are medics that help the team in first aid medication. For example DNA testing,thats Jade's Job. Luna is the head detective of the whole Gig. Yes ! she is the head detective so everything are her responsibilities like DNA testing, failed spies, hard cases and of course the resppnsibility of the late reports of the other detective. Sometimes because of her anger ,if someone wants to talk to her. It will suffer with alot of injuries.Also, training the newbies and supervizing the trainors are part of her job.

"John whats the matter?" Luna asked

"Case no.35 .... " John answered.

"Fine call Narissa!" Luna tell him and Hang up.

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