Chapter 35:

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I looked at Jc with a big grin on my face. I gave him a huge hug.

"We are going to visit our family." He gave me a kiss on my temple.

After a few minutes another announcement said that the flight was boarding now. I gave Ricky a hug and said bye.

Then I gave Trevor a kiss and a hug. Then Jc and I boarded the plane. Our tickets got upgraded to 1st class so we got free food!

The flight wasn't very long,  I just read my book the whole time. When we landed Jcs family.... my family were standing there waiting for us to get off.

When they saw me they all hugged me and sqeezed me. It felt amazing to be apart of a family again.


We stayed there for a week and we got dropped off at the airport on Saturday morning.  It was so fun being there. Jc showed me all around and it was the best feeling.

On the plane I started to feel really sick. Jc told me I had to eat something but I couldn't keep it down. Jc searched through by bag to find my glucometer, he couldn't find it anywhere but then I remembered I put it in my suit case. 

Jc then looked through his bag and pulled it out.

"I took it out of your suit case." He smiled.

"Thanks." I quickly put my finger in the place and I felt a prick. I was use to it by now. The monitor read that my blood sugar was extremely low so Jc quickly got me something sugary as quick as he could.

After I ate some salted peanuts I started to feel a bit better and I fell asleep for the rest of the flight.

I woke up to a cramp in my neck and Jc nudging me to wake up.



We got off the plane and found out suit cases. Sam picked us up from out the front.

When we got home the house was practically empty. Everyone came home tomorrow and Monday. It was just Trevor, Sam, Gracie, Ashley and I. The house was kind of boring.

Gracie went straight up to bed because she felt sick.

Trevor was asleep on the couch so Sam and I did smack cam to him for a vine.

He woke up slightly mad but then he laughed about it and went upstairs to change.



Gracie was coming home today. I didn't want to see her. I couldn't face her after what I've done.

When they got home I was asleep on the couch. I don't know how long they were home for but I woke up to a face full of whipped cream. I went upstairs to get cleaned up.

Jc told me Gracie was asleep in her room so I had to be quiet.

As I was changing my shirt I got a text.

From : Gracie Baby

'Hey. Come here?'

I didn't want to reply and just pretend I didn't get it but I did anyway.

To: Gracie Baby

'Okay :)'

I walked from my room and to hers. I could feel my stomach bubbling with guilt. I knocked lightly on the door.

"Come in."

I twisted the handle and walked in.

"Hey." She smiled.

"Hi." I slowly walked over to her bed and sat down.

"What's wrong?" She looked concerned.

Dam.  I was hopping she realise anything.

"Nothing." I fake smiled.


"How was Texas? " I asked slightly nervous.

"It was great..." She told me about everything she did.

"That sounded like fun." I smiled.

"You didn't text me back all week...." She seemed disappointed.

I tried to think of an excuse. "Yeah sorry. I was really busy."

We just sat and talked for a bit. I felt really awkward and terrible.



Trevor was sitting with me. He was acting werid and he was really fidgety.

"Trevor... What's going on?"

"Nothing." He fake smiled.

Did he think I was stupid.  I could tell some was up and I was going to find out what.

I decided to text Brooke.

To: Brookie

"Hey girl, do you know what's up with Trevor?"

From: Brookie

"I'm really sorry Gracie but I don't know, maybe ask Carly x"

To: Carly

"Hey, Do you know what's up with Trev?"

There was no reply but she had read the message.

A few minutes later I got a text back.

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