"I'm just so mad at you Aiden. You should be thankful." She wiggled her arm so she could remove my grasp from me.

"Why should I be thankful?" Confused washed through me.

"Because Heather is saving your life!" She screamed.

And that made my blood cold.

"What did you say?" She had to repeat because I didn't-what?


"She's 'sacrificing' herself for us! It's your fault she's giving her life to Nathan!"

"What? But h-how? Why?" How could she do that? I turned to face Zach and he stared at the floor.

"Did you know Zach?"

"Umm, about that-,"

"Did you know Zach," I said with a cold tone.

"Yes. I did." I looked at him and he looked guilty.

"Was that all you talked about with Heather?" He nodded and stole a glance at Ciara.

"Did she plan this?" I asked looking at Ciara. She nodded her head at me and looked away.

"She also told me about Nathan."

"What about him," I glared at the floor. Whenever I hear his name, it's just so frustrating!

"She told me that he called her and told him that she would sacrifice herself for us. She also told me why Nathan wants your money."

"And why is that?" Zach asked.

"Well not only is he running out, but she told me that you killed her."

"Killed who?" Zach questioned.

Who did I kill?

"You killed Hannah. Hannah Sanchez."

Now I remember Hannah.

Nathan's soon-to-become-wife-but-got-killed.

Chapter 30- Meeting Nathan Again

I woke up early in the morning and I remembered the fight. It had been 2 days since Aiden and I fought. Today was the 3rd I didn't speak to Aiden and it was quite difficult not having Aiden around. I stood up while yawning and went to the bathroom moving slow. Once I saw myself, my eyes were bloodshot red, a nose just like Rudloph the Rednose Reindeer, and rosy cheeks. To be honest, I look like one of Santa's helpers.

I took a bath real quick, brushed my teeth, and changed into a white V-neck shirt and some skinny jeans. I used my black low cut converse and tied my hair into a high ponytail.

I was about to leave when I remembered something. I went to the kitchen and got a pocket knife and stuffed it in my bra-what that's the only hiding place where boys can't see!

I grabbed my phone and called Zach. He was not answering and I was about to end the call when I heard his voice.

"Hi," he cleared his voice and sounded nervous.

"Umm, is Zach there?" I hope he was there because I could my eyes being watery.

"Ugh, no. He just left to buy chocolate milk. What do you need?" I missed his voice. I guess he also missed me.

"Oh! Um, nothing."

It was so awkaward it was like I was talking to the air.

"Listen Heather. I just wanted to apolo-,"

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