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A story start from sun's first rays, two Chipmunks cuddling one lady..

“Pragya” a women chants Pragya's name numerous times, but they busy in their sugary sleep..

“Mom wake up, otherwise Nanu will scold us”.. with half sleepy tone..

Pragya with half sleepy tone, without open her eyes- kishmish plz let me sleep..

“Maa wake up Nanu will scold us” with half sleepy tone..

Pragya with same tone- kuchi plz let me sleep yaar.. I feel so tired..

Sarla enter in Pragya's bedroom, look two Chipmunks cuddling Pragya, Pragya's tight grips on blanket- oh God, these girl never change herself a bit, she is mother of two kids, but she owns behaves like kids..

Sarla tries to wake her up, but no use, so she pull blanket from Pragya's grips- it's to much late today, ab toh uth jaa..

Three of them sit on bed, yawing so hard, Sunny give specs to Pragya, Pragya wear her specs..

Sarla- when you grown-up Pragya, now you're 32, & kids turn to 7, but your lazyness remain same, I thought you being mother now, so many changes came into in you, but no, you remain same..

Kiara look Pragya once & turn to Sarla- Nanu good morning..

Sarla- don't save your mumma from me, I know you both Chipmunks, you both always save your mother from my scolding, today it's never gonna be a work, now go & get ready..

Sunny- but Nanu it's Sunday today..

Sarla- so.. it's not a day or it's still Saturday night..

Pragya- Maa why you come on Sunday's yaar.. Sunday is our day, & you spoil our day..

Kiara & Sunny look Sarla's furious face, they both left the bedroom without Sarla's & Pragya's attention, Sarla hold Pragya's ear so hard..

Pragya wincing in pain- aahh Maa it's paining yaar..

Sarla- I spoiled your day haan, you're the one who spoil my whole week, who not came to meet me in Arora house, & she leaves Pragya's ear & sit on bed edge, Pragya smile & keep her head on Sarla's lap, Sarla start to caressing Pragya's hair, Pragya close her eyes in peace..

Sarla continue- I'm so much missing you there in Arora house..

Pragya smile- and I always tell you come here & stay with us, but no.. you're so stubborn..

Sarla softly slapped on Pragya's cheek- shut your mouth! Go get fresh fast, both Chipmunks are waiting for us on dinning table..

Pragya again sit & say- I'm coming, you go..

Sarla left the bedroom, came near dinning table, look her two Chipmunks are waiting for her..

Kiara- Nanu it's late..

Sunny- haan Nanu.. if Mogambo knows we three are on secret mission, she will be dismiss that mission..

Sarla- sorry for late, & don't worry your Mogambo will never been know about our secret mission..

Kiara- ok tell me, you like that.. & she look Pragya came out from bedroom, Kiara keep her mouth shut..

Pragya- good morning my bunnies.. & she kiss on forehead of both kids & sit on chair, between both her bunnies..

Sarla- did you three brush your teeth..

Trio show's their teeth to Sarla & say- yes..

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