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Week later

Ellen’s POV

“What are you doing?” I look towards Louis who is lying on my bed flicking though channels, he doesn’t reply just looks at me and shakes the remote, “I thought we were going to leave.” He shrugged causing me to laugh, I made my way towards my bed and climbing in beside him, he wrapped an arm around me as I leaned my head against his chest. “What are we watching?”

“A movie.” I look up at him amused.

“What movie?” he shrugs and turns the volume up, we were supposed to be going to get something for lunch but obviously not, my parents and brother had let a few house ago and went to my aunty’s, Louis came over this morning with no real intentions but I guess we are staying here, I looked up pizza hut on my phone as the movie started and ordered a pizza to be delivered, turns out ‘Now You See Me’ was playing, I curl into his side and watch the movie on the TV mounted to my bedroom wall, soon the pizza arrived, I payed the guy and brang it into my room, we eat on the bed while watching the movie. “Are we going to do anything?” I asked and he just looked down at me before crashing his lips to mine and pushing me back on the bed, I turn my face to the side and raise my hands to stop him but he showers my face in kisses. “Louis!” I laugh, “Stop!” her grips my wrists and straddles my waist. My hands pined beside my head as he looks down at me.

“This is something.” He says and bights the skin of my neck.

“Yeah but were still at my house. Let’s go somewhere.” He pulls away looking down at me again.

“Like?” I shrug; he kisses my lips again, “This will do.” he connects our lips and I wriggle my wrists from his grip and tangle my fingers in his hair, his tongue slides along my bottom lip asking for entrance but I push him off me, I trade his position and am now straddling his hips, I push my glasses further up my nose and beaned to kiss his lips, his arms wrap around my body while my hands hold his shoulders, he sits up with me still straddling him and starts kissing my neck.

“Let’s go do something.” I say against his lips, he doesn’t care to brake the kiss, holding my body close to his, “Please?” he bights my jaw and I pull away looking down at him, I smile and peck his lips before getting off him, “Let’s go.” I say as I slip my toms on, he gets up and slips his shoes on as well and follows me out the door, I walk into the lounge room and towards the front door.

“So where are we going?” I shrug, he closed the door behind himself and I lock it, we go down to Louis’ car and hop in before pulling away from the gutter. “You’re the Australian, you tell me where to go.” I put on a fake thinking face.

“Let’s go bowling.” I suggest and he agrees, once we arrive we get a lane and rent a pair of shoes each, Louis bowled first and only hit the nine, six and ten, on the first try, his second rolled into the gutter, he walked back as I stood up for my turn, I grab a seven kilo ball, “Should I ask them to put the rails up so you keep it in the ally?” I joke and he raises and eye brow at me.

“Sorry I don’t go bowling very often.” I smile and walk towards the ally where I roll my first ball, knocking out one, six, three, five, nine and ten on my first role, I retrieved my ball and took my second shot getting all of them but seven. It was Louis’ turn again and he got a strike, rubbing it in my face as I got up and got a spear, the game went on and on, both of us stealing kisses, rubbing our score in each other’s face, and just having a good time, I have to remember to do this again with the girls, Jack and Raymond as a triple date before I leave for the Uk, soon the game is over and Louis had won thanks to my “clumsy” roles. We went to the games part of the place, Louis putting some money on a game card as we either took turns playing something or made it a competition, once it was around six thirty Louis and I made our way towards the counter to collect what we could with the points we had made. We did so crap from sabotaging one another’s turns that we could only get a small key ring, Louis gave it to me receiving a kiss as thanks and we left. On the car ride back to my house I fiddled with the elephant on the key ring. “Do you like elephants?” he asked and I nodded.

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