A World of Magic (EDITED)

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As I opened my eyes, I gasped. There, in front of me, was our house elf, Bonky. He was always doing that, staring at me while I slept until I finally woke up. It was kind of freaky and annoying, to have your house elf stare at you all the time, couldn't he be like dad and throw a jug of water on me or something? Even that was better than Bonky's glowing tennis ball eyes. I shuddered.
"Bonky! You scared me! Don't ever wake me up like that again!" I shrieked, batting him away from my face, gently of course.
"Sorry ma'am,it's a habit," he said with a bow and a small smile ,"But today is the first of September, you asked me to wake you up early this morning, remember. You know what that means!"
I smiled and cried,"Hogwarts! Thanks for reminding me! I'm finally going to join my brothers, and I'll be able to do magic and all sorts of stuff."
"Isn't that wonderful, miss. You are a very lucky young lady, just don't get into too much trouble without me, will you?"
"Of course not."
Bonky was my childhood best friend, he was always helping me with pranks and stuff like that, we'd lived together all our lives, and over those eleven years, we'd grown really close, I'd miss him when I went to Hogwarts. More than I could tell. I felt tears sting my eyes, but I just smiled at him and said, "I'll miss you Bonkers." Before shooing him out my door so that I could get dressed.
Getting changed into simple clothing, a dressing gown and coverings so that I could change into my proper clothes later. Bonky left the room, standing just outside my door, and I ran downstairs as fast as I could, missing a few steps on the way. Bonky was hot on my heels, as though it was his first day at the best magical school ever too.
"Morning mum!" I cried as I grabbed some toast off the kitchen bench, plonking myself down into a seat, beside my dad.
My mother, Ginny, smiled kindly and indicated to my father, who was already sitting at the table.
"Oh, morning dad!" I cried, just as loudly, even though I had stuffed two pieces of toast in my mouth. The sound was a little muffled, but I think dad got the idea... I think.
Harry Potter grinned,"Good morning Lily, what's the rush?"
" Duh, I want to be the first to get to Hogwarts. I can't wait, I'm finally going to be like my brothers! I've waited ages for this!" I replied proudly.
My father shook his head,"You know that uncle Ron and auntie Hermione are coming to pick you up in..." He checked the clock,"My, my ten minutes! Go get your trunk, your owl and everything, then get dressed."
"But what about Safetta? Can't she come?" I said, thinking of my little Puffiskin, a descendant of Arnold. How on earth would I live without her?
"Well, we'll look after her for you." My mother interrupted before my father could speak.
"Ginny, does that sound like us?" My father smiled,"If you can get her in, you can take her with you. Just make sure no one catches you."
"Oh, thank you daddy!" I cried, hugging him tight. My father has always been like that, letting us bend the rules whenever we want. But mother always seems to disapprove of us doing stuff like that. I think she just wants to protect us.
"Just go get ready." My mother pursed her lips and frowns at father.
I ran upstairs, to my room, knocking on Albus and James' rooms as I went.
"Al, James! Get up!" I shouted, laughing at their groans.
Grabbing Luna, my owl, named for one of my parents' dearest friends and her glowing round eyes. Reaching for my trunk, I saw a small parcel placed carefully on top. There was a note next to it. I opened the note first, knowing it was polite. It was something my dad taught me when I was little, notes can be even more important than the parcel itself.
It said:
Open this when you get to Hogwarts, it may help you a little.
Mummy and Daddy.

I smiled, I loved surprises, my parents always had the best ideas and interesting objects in their possession, I would not betray my parents. I could wait until I got to Hogwarts to open the gift. Stuffing it in my trunk, I remembered Safetta, she was bouncing on my bed, happily chirping at me. Luna Lovegood told me that sometimes they sing on Boxing Day, I hope I get to hear it, only very special people do. I grabbed her and put her in my coat pocket, placing that on the bed. What should I wear?
Finally, I settled on my coat, a grey and blue short-sleeved shirt and jeans. I also settled on my boots, because of my dad's advice, apparently, they may get wet.
After I was dressed, I glanced in the mirror, perfect. I looked sophisticated, yet no too showy off. I didn't want to attract too much attention on my first day, our family was already famous enough as it is. I grinned, I was so exited, my first year at Hogwarts, finally, I would be joining my brothers. They'd told me some pretty exciting stuff, but I think most of the things James told me were lies. Some of it was really gruesome and horrible.

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