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Warning!!: Swearing ahead

(I'm this episode of BNHA Stories, Izuku gets pissed off to the point that he does something about it for once (Jk. Don't worry, your still my baby Izu~). This is gonna be a very short one-shot. VERY. SHORT.)

*Episode one (after school bullying scene)*

*Izu's P.O.V.*

'Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof and hope you get a quirk in the next life'. That sentence made me crack, and my usual smiley or saddened face was replaced with pure anger and maybe even blood-lust? That soon turned into a Katsuki-like smirk however. The words started flowing out before I had even realized it.

*Third Person*

"Maybe you should try that. Ay, Kacchan..?"

"Huh...What did just say to me nerd?" Bakugo said turning away from his followers to face the once shaking leaf of a boy.

"I said. Maybe you should try that."

"And why is that, Deku?" He said stepping forward and stoping just infront of Izuku's desk, before leaning on the hard wood.

"I mean, you wanna be a hero too, right Kacchan?" Izuku's had returned to it's usual doll like state, but not for long.

"Of course, I'm gonna be the best fuckin' hero you've ever seen."

"Well, if that's the case. Your gonna have to fix that attitude of yours. And we all know," Izuku starts, stepping forward so their faces are inches from each other. "That a egoistical jerk such as yourself, Won't be able to change his ways in this life time."

As Izuku says this he takes his yellow 'book-bag' from the chair placed behind this desk and whips it behind his back.

He turns towards the door and leaves the room as if he's an inmate that just beat up fifteen guards and has gained his freedom back. Twirling his curls like keys to taunt his captures.

Once Katsuki had emerged from his trance, he moved into the hallway still in shook from what he had just witness. He saw Izuku walking down the stairs of the school and what he had been told finally set in.


"If your looking for an apology you can suck one out of Crab's dick!!" Izuku hollered, still looking ahead before outstretching his arm to flip off his childhood friend. 

Once Izuku had left the building, first thing that came to mind was.

'Holy F8ck that was AMAZING!!'



*In Katsuki's Head*

'When the fuck did Deku get so fucking hot.'


Hey guys! It's Silas! I know I said I'd be posting more, but my cousins are in town so I gotta be social. That and I wanted to do some more 'research' (reading of lemons and such) so I can make my stories better for you guys!

Anyway making a One-Shot book was in fact suggested to me a long while ago by YukiriKaoru and I finally got around to it. Sorry it took so long, I'm kinda a perfectionist. So~~ Yeah.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one-shot and I'll try to post soon.

Bye, Loves!!


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