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Next day

Ellen’s POV

“Oii, bitch, wake up.” I roll on my back but keep my eyes closed as Tegan’s voice runs through my head, “Sleeping not so beauty, come on.”

“Let me sleep, it’s like eight o’clock.” I wine pulling the blanket over my head.

“I don’t know what time you last woke up but it almost four.”

“You’re joking.”

“I am.” She laughed, I frown and try pushing her off my bed.

“Get out of my house. Who let you in?”

“Your mum, no get up!” she smashed a pillow into my head.

“You’re a bitch, piss off.” The next thing I feel is the weight of a person on top of me.

“Get up or I will undress and dress you myself.” I open my eyes to see her looking down at me.

“Your killing me, get off.”

“Then get up.”

“Well im awake now, I have no choice.” She smiles her best innocent smile before rolling off me, “Dressed for what?”

“The beach and I invited Louis.” she almost sang, I blush and quickly get out of the bed. “What was that blush about?” she asked following me to the door but I quickly closed it on her, stepping a few feet across and down the hall and into the bathroom before locking the door. I started to brush my teeth when there was a knock on the door. “What happed after I left?”  I open the door.

“Nothing.” I close it again, the tooth brush never leaving me mouth.

“You seem happy for a morning, something must have happen. Tell me!” she bang on the door. “You kissed, didn’t you.”

“Maybe.” I mumbled over my tooth brush opening and closing the door again.

“How was it?” I spat my tooth pasted out and rinsed my mouth, washing my face before opening the door and walking out. “Ellen.” Tegan coxed as I walked into my room, pushing my glasses up my nose.

“His lips were so soft. Like.” I pause, “Butter. It was,” I shrug, “Nice.” Tegan squeals jumping up and down.

“You finally kissed someone.” I look towards the ground before going into my wardrobe, I grab two bikinis from my many.

“Which one?” I ask looking at each of them, she points to the black and mint one, I throw ther other back in my draw before pointing to the door.


“Get out so I can get changed.” She rolls her eyes and leaves my wardrobe, I slip out of my pajamas and underwear before slipping into the bikini, “You can come back in.” I call and she steps in a short moment later, I flick though my shirts on the rail before slipping one on, then scanning my draw for shorts I finally pick a pair, I head to the bathroom and put my contacts in before going back to my room and putting on a pair of sandals, I grab my beach bag which was already packed from our previous trip and grab my Ray-Bans, I slip my towel into the almost full bag and fish tail braid my hair back roughly.

“Who’s going?” I ask as I tie the end of my hair.

“Claudia, Jack, Raymond, Louis, you and I” she replies, Raymond is Claudia’s boyfriend and Jack is Tegan’s, I’ve kind of been the lonely friend for a while going to the beach, movies, party’s with the happy couples and being the fifth wheel, I could say.

“And Jack is driving us?” she nods her response, “Is he already here?” she nods again, we make our way out into the living room and say bye to my family after telling them where we were heading, Jack was parked out the front of Tegan’s house as we stepped out, Tegan almost ran to greet him, sharing a kiss as they embraced each other in their arms, Jack goes to a different school then us, him and Raymond both, so the girls only see them on weekend and sometimes on afternoons after school, Tegan jumps in the passenger side as I greet Jack and get in the back, he drops into the driver’s seat and starts the car before heading towards the freeway, the whole ride I stay on my phone while the two love birds in the front make convocation, surprisingly the ride is over quickly thanks to light traffic and we are scoping out the crowded beach for Claudia and Raymond, in the end Tegan gives up and calls her just so we find out they were in a place we had already looked.

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