Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

            When I got up, Kakashi was already gone. I wouldn’t have really thought of him as a super-early riser, but I didn’t know him that well to begin with.

            After I’d fixed my hair (braiding it this time) and got dressed, I ate a quick breakfast and got out on my way. Last night, Kakashi told me where his team would be, so I wasn’t completely lost as I made my way to the training location.

            The three ninjas stopped in their tracks as they saw me. Sasuke’s face changed for a second (maybe it was to surprise) as he saw me. He quickly regained his composure, however. Sakura smiled at me and asked me why I was here.

            “I’m here to join your team. The Hokage decided it was high time I joined a team instead of going out alone all the time. Your team made the most sense to the Hokage because I’m living with Kakashi for now until my home gets rebuilt for me.”

            Naruto grinned. “It’s awesome to have to on the team, Chika. I’m sorry about your house, though!”

            “Thank you, Naruto.”

            Sasuke finally talked to me after looking bitter for a while. “I haven’t seen you around before.”

            I couldn’t believe this; he was lying right in front of his teammates! Instead of calling him out on his lie, though, I went ahead with it. “I don’t believe we’ve met before. You must be Sasuke.” I smiled sweetly and held out my hand.

            Sasuke grunted, taking it. His hand felt cold in mine as we shook hands. He squeezed my hand a bit, so I squeezed back, just to be fair. We let go.

            “So,” I asked, “where’s Kakashi?”

            “Late, as usual,” Sakura replied unenthusiastically.

            “We’re used to it.” Naruto spoke this time.

            Kakashi came up at that moment and told us what to do. We trained for the rest of the day.


            After training was over, the rest of the team left. I stayed behind, all alone, partially to actually train and partially to think things over.

            I settled up against a tree and closed my eyes, thinking back to the past, when things were still good between Sasuke, Itachi, and me.

            I sat with Itachi underneath one of the old trees. We were talking about one of his earlier missions that he’d undergone. He was really relaxed as he told me what went on, not sparing a single detail. He had always been better than me. Both of us were wearing our lockets that day, laughing and talking like tomorrow would be just as good as today.

            Sasuke walked up to us, looking slightly embarrassed. “H-Hi, Chika, Itachi.”

            I smiled at him. “Hi, Sasuke!”

            He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out a folded up bit of paper before handing it to me. I couldn’t thank him for his little gift, though, because he ran off pretty fast.

            I unfolded it and read it before refolding it and placing it behind Itachi’s picture in my locket.

            Itachi looked at me curiously as I put the little note up. “What did it say, Chika?”

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