Chaper Ten

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TENYou are a child

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You are a child

"They're going after the kid! I'm trying to cut them off." Octavia states, jumping over the log after me.

"We! We!" I hush whisper at her, sprinting out of the rocky bed of the river into the forest, I jump through the trees, feeling leaves brush past my face as I try to cut the group off.

Monty's mother, and several other guards were sent out of the camp by Pike, unfortunately we had no idea what he was doing. After I sent the Grounder back to Polis, Octavia and I had been camping out of the grounds.

I hear a bullet shot through the dense trees, I jump down a ditch, and started running up a hill, the boy was just about to run past when I reach out and grab him, wrapping my hand around his mouth. I beat hug him, and lean back against a tree, waiting for the soldiers to run past.

The boy struggles against my grip.

"Shh." I hush, and the sound of footsteps surround us.

"We lost him." A man's voice states, disappointed.

"Double back towards the river." Mrs. Green orders, "He can't have gotten far."

I hear the footsteps drawn closer, when a sharp stinging and burning sensation erupts on my forehead. Poison sap, starts stinging my head. I look up, and see it dripping, as another drop hits my forehead. I look back, my forehead continuing to burn, then watch as the woman leaves. I sigh in relief, letting go of the boy.

Without a second glance he hurries away.

"You're welcome." I hiss in pain, as I try to wipe off the sap, wincing. Octavia comes out of her hiding place.

"Kane?" She speaks into the head piece. "We need to find out what Pike is up to. Right now, whatever it is, they were willing to kill a kid to keep it silent."

"What did he say?" I ask her, Octavia shakes her head.

"That they were on it."

"Well, like that's reassuring."


Octavia grinds her sword against the rock to sharpen it, I twirl my dagger around and wait. The silence is extremely awkward, and I remember her, begging for me to take her with me, when she found me in the forest about a week ago.

"Are you worried about Lincoln?" I ask, even though I know it's a stupid question. I'm standing, leaning against the cave wall.

"No." She says after a short pause. "I'm worried about my horse, where the hell is Miller?"

He was supposed to rendezvous with us about this time of day, to bring Octavia her horse, and mine. Which had been taken into custody when he was found roaming around the perimeter, like a jackass.

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