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Ellen’s POV

“Honey, Louis’ here.”

“I don’t want to see anyone, mum.” I say shakily as I look at the email I just sent.

“Are you okay, sweetie? What’s wrong?” she asks as she comes and sits on my bed beside me, wrapping her arms around me.

“I did it, I accepted it.” she pushed her lips to my temple.

“It will be okay, they will be happy for you.”

“Yeah after they hate me for it.”

“Don’t think like that, and Louis’ here, go wash your face, I’ll let him in.” I sigh and get up going towards the bathroom, I look in the mirror, my eyes swollen and red from crying, hands shaking as I reach for the tap, I twist it on and cup my hands under the water before splashing it on my face, I repeat it twice more before looking back in the mirror watching the water beads run down my face, I reach for the towel dabbing my face dry before stepping out of the bathroom and into my room where Louis stands holding the paper.

“Congratulations.” He smiles at me, I half smile back and walk towards the bed, sitting down, I closing my laptop and I cross my legs. “Octobers pretty soon.”

“Tell me about it.” he sits beside me placing the papers to the side and holding my shoulders.

“Don’t be upset, the girls will understand, and this is your dream, you can’t just let this opportunity go.” I lean forward and wrap my arms around him, he is taken back for a moment before hugging back, I bury my face in the crook of his neck as tears start to pour from my eyes, his hand running up and down my back soothingly. “Don’t cry, Ellen.” he holds me tightly, how can he be happy, Im probably never going to see him again, the girls I can’t be sure it will ever be the same but I know I’ll see them. “Call them.” I pull away and wipe my eyes, “Ask them to come over.”

“Can you call them?” he smiles.

“Of cause.” He rubs my upper arms.


“It’s the end of July, we only have three months.” I say softly as the girls sit on my bed, there surprisingly taking it well, “Im sorry guys.” They laugh.

“You can’t say sorry over this, it’s not your fault you’re awesome.” Tegan tells and I laugh.

“Yeah right.”

“It’s right here in black and white.” Claudia pick up the paper and scans it, “And orange.” I laugh and it isn’t long until we are looking up apartments in London, they just don’t know I already have one, it’s an open planed apartment with a beautiful view over London, I know that when they visit there going to love it. I got it before I sent the apliction, my parents telling me that if I don’t make it my mum can us it when she goes on business trips over there, which is hardly ever. Louis just sits on the lounge while the girls look at images of apartments for sale, every once in a while Louis and my eyes would lock but not before the girls would make me look at a new apartment they found, I haven’t really thought about it until now but im going to be a seventeen year old living on her own in a new country, I guess im only thinking about it now because it’s a done deal that im attending the school.

“Pizzas here.” My mum calls and Tegan leaves the room to collect the pizza my mum ordered us, my parents and brother stayed out in the living room to eat there’s while we all sit on my bed, I leaning against Louis and the others on the other side of the bed, we all made convocation while we ate.

Next day

“Hey, sir, I have news.” My writing teacher looks up at me from his desk, I swing my bag off my shoulder and grab out the acceptance letter I received yesterday and hand it to him, he grips it and looks at me before reading it.

“This is great news. Congratulations.” He continues to read, “You’re not even finishing the year, have you already conformed with them?” I nod.

“On my part yes, they just have to get back to me.” he nods.

“I am very prowled of you Ellen, in the next five years I will be expecting to walk into a book store and see your name and book being advertised.” I smile.

“Thank you.” I take the paper back and delicately place it in my bag.

“What did your parents say?” he asks leaning on his forearms.

“They were really happy, last night I wasn’t in the best state having to tell my friends I was leaving so early but they were really understanding about it being a once in a life time thing.” I shrug, “Im just really going to miss everything.”

“When in October? The start or the end?”

“The end I hope, gives me more time.” He nods.

“Well im very proud of you Ellen, everyone should be.”

“Thank you.”

Next day

Louis’ POV

“And have you kissed yet?” I walk into Ellen’s room and hear Tegan ask her.

“Well, no.” Ellen’s reply comes from her wardrobe.

“Maybe his scared.”

“No, his not the scared one, the opportunity has been there, a few time I just avoid it. I don’t know how to.” I laugh to myself.

“I swear to god, you better kiss that boy. And what do you mean you don’t know how, it’s not something we know, it just happens.”

“And what if it doesn’t just happen, what if I screw it up?”

“Ellen there is two months, two and a half tops and you might not ever see him again, if you really like this boy do something about it. And trust me there isn’t exactly a right and wrong way to kiss, well maybe, don’t like try to swallow him.” Never see me again? I hear Ellen sigh a laugh.

“I think it’s more than just like, Tegan.” There’s a pause, “Now give me my shirt, I have to leave soon.” I wait a moment before knocking on her wardrobe door; they both sit on the middle ottoman. “Hi.” Ellen smiles, I greet her back then Tegan.

“You have work?” she nods.

“Yeah, im leaving soon.”

“Im gonna go home, im sure my dinner will be ready.” Tegan gets up, hugging Ellen before saying bye and leaving, Ellen pats the spot Tegan had just vacated and I join her, sitting down.

“Just wait a second.” she pauses, “I know your still here.” A grown sounded and then the door opened and closed, Ellen shook her head. “She’s still her.” She whispered and got up going towards the door. “Go home.”

“Fine, fine, im going.” The door opens, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”


“Sunday then?” Ellen doesn’t reply and I think she might have shrugged, “Okay I will see you some time in the next few days.” Ellen laughed before the door closed and she made her way back into the wardrobe and sits beside me, I watch her as she bends to tie her shoe laces.

“Heard anything back from the school?” I ask and she shakes her head.

“Not yet, no.” She looks at me and smiles shyly, I know she’s thinking about the convocation she just had with Tegan, I slowly lean in, her eyes flicking to my lips and back to my eyes as she starts to do the same, my left hand reaching for her right cheek, I tilt my head to my right and she dose the left and our lips connect in a soft kiss, we pull away after a short lingering moment, her eyes closed as she bights her lip, her right hand grasping hold of my left forearm as my hand still cups her cheek, her left hand resting on my shoulder as she pushes her lips to mine again, the kiss goes a little deeper but not by much as we’re broken up but her mum tell Ellen she has to leave, Ellen looks to the floor, blushing before I stood up, holding my hand out for her, she takes it and grabs her phone as she finds her feet. We make our way out of her room and down the hall to where her parents are in the lounge room with her brother, we both say goodbye and make our way out of the house, I walk her to her car and she gets in after saying a quick goodbye, I walk down the drive way and to my car getting in and heading back to Harry’s aunty’s.

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