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“I can’t believe I did that with you last night .” I said as I woke up in Forrest arms


“You act like we had sex last night, we only kissed Asia .”


I got up from the bed “But it was still wrong and when we get back I’m telling Trey .”


“Go head, I don’t care .”


“You just made my decision so much clearer, when we get back home to New York I’m packing my shit up and going back to Virginia .”


“So you just going to run away from your problems ?” he said sitting up


“I didn’t have a problem till I allowed you put your damn tongue down my mouth, but I can’t yell at you because it’s my fault too . I’m not going to play Tremaine out, I have nothing to hide .”


“I swear I don’t understand you sometimes .”


“Forrest don’t come down on me like I’m the bad person . You have a serious fucking problem with that shit, ever since I started pushing you to the side to be with Trey you been acting like a little ass boy .”


“But you’re the one who - .”


“Yeah I know what I said to you, and I mean every word of it too . But not I’m going to be put into a situation where I’m unhappy, I’m not doing this shit anymore .”


We had a couple of more hours left in Virginia so Forrest went to his mother’s house while I got everything together to move back to Virginia and waited for him at the airport . It was kiddie of me but I ignored Forrest the whole way down, he was trying to give me a 101 reasons on why I should stay and follow through but my guilt was saying other wise . I was stupid of what I did and now I don’t know how Tremaine will take the news, I just hope my actions won’t affect his and Forrest relationship .


It’s crazy to me how in the back of my mind I was so worried about Tremaine being with some other the woman when really he’s the one that should have been worried about me being with somebody else . Once we got back to New York I cried as we got closer to the house, and I never cry for a god damn thing because in my eyes I can do no wrong . But everybody makes mistakes, I took a deep breathe as I got closer to the door and saw Tremaine was home .


“Hey baby .” he said kissing me on the cheek as we walked through the door “How was your trip ?” he asked placing his hands around my waist


“Tremaine I need to talk to you .” I said pulling him over to the couch

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