Falling In Love With A Jerk I Hate Chapter 4

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Like promised, here's chapter 4.


Carter's POV

"I hate you!" she said, not even bothering to turn around and face me, though I knew she was bloody angry. But hey, that's how they warm up to me.

Smiling to myself, I continued to walk towards her (more like run). Was she running a marathon or something? They don't usually act like that.

I chuckled.

I remember the first time I saw her in Mr. Gilbert's office. Quite ordinary I must say, but something intrigued me. She wasn't fawning over me like every normal teenage girl would have done.

At the time, I thought "Great, I love challenges." I knew this was gonna be a good one.

Once she stood up from picking the papers that fell from my folder, I got to take a good look at her and found her figure charming. Tall, brown, short hair, blue eyes and..... a SMOKING body!!!!! My jaw had nearly dropped at the sight that was revealed to me.

"Well, well, that girl wasn't ordinary after all." I thought with a smirk.

Just then, and by guessing she saw the look on my face, she murmured "Player". Wearing my famous grin (the one that makes all the girls swoon), I mouthed "I know you like me." Just then, as she glared at me, I swear I was LMAO.

Still in my memories, I remembered the look on her face as I kissed her slender neck. It had passed from shock, to lust, and then to anger. Ha Ha Ha, I knew she liked me...... But I guess she didn't find it very funny, because she started to get on her high horses and show me where the sluts were in school. Not that I don't already know, I mean, I made a background check on every single one of the students to be sure I was safe here. Oh, did I dig up some dirt on several of them......

Lost in my memories, I didn't see where she went, but I heard a door close (which brought me back from my memories), and judging by the corridor that was now empty, I was 100 % sure it was Amy Lawrence. With an exasperating sigh, I followed right behind.


So, how did you like Carter's POV? I guess I'll be alternating between those two characters. And sorry its short, I figured I'd give you a taste, because I already posted today, and I feel tired right now.......

I didn't want to go in details because I already talked about what happenned in Amy's POV, so it would be like a repetition (which I hate).

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