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Bey Pov
21 June 2017


"Bey take out the trash!" I heard her yell

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"Bey take out the trash!" I heard her yell.

I dugged my hands into the bowl, stuffing some popcorn in my mouth. The lakers were playing so my mind was somewhere else.

"Come on .." I said more to myself. "Oo down the court- pass the ball, yeah! young on ri-

"Beyoncé!!" Nicki stormed in the living room, standing in front of the flatscreen. I tried to shoo her off but she stayed put.

"Move Tanya!" I groaned.

"Did you not here me, calling you!?" She crossed her arms, tapping her feet. "I told you take out the trash, you know I'm tryna cook this food!"

"Onika! I'm tryna watch the game!"

"Take out the trash!" She ordered.

"Mann .." I smacked my lips and stood up.

Bleu snickered and finished scribbling in her coloring book. Nicki waited til I grabbed the trash before walking out.

"Want me to cook all this food but don't wanna do shit! Been at that t.v. all damn day, it just don't make no sense."

She continue to fuss.

"Shut up!" I slammed the door and went to throw away tha bag in the bin. A red nissan pulled up aside the curve.

"Hey .." The window rolled down and Claudia head pop out. I grew upset quickly, they knew not to run by my house.

"Yo, why you over here!?" I glared at her.

"Baby, I just mi-

"Bitch!" I gritted. "I don't know what fuck you got going on, but DON'T you ever come by here again so just dip."

"Awe, Baby you don't mea-

I race to her car, gripping her throat so tightly,
that her words started to smush together. She tried everything to pry my hands away.

"DO you think I'm playing with you!?" I stare deeply into her eyes. "Take this as a warning come by here again, I'll have yo body burn to ashes."

Her eyes began to swell.

"Do you understand me?" I said calmly.

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