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Next day

Louis’ POV

I turned the corner to head towards music when I see Ellen for the first time all day, I don’t know if she has been avoiding me or we just haven’t crossed paths, she stood talking to a teacher, five book in his hands all identical, im guessing there the books she writes in, she stands and talks to the teacher a moment before taking the books from him and heading away from the teacher and myself, I wonder why she is going that way if her writing class is on now and in the direction I just came, I walk after her but she’s gone, I go down the stairs she must have taken but there is still no sign of her, I walk towards the caught yard and finally spot her going towards the school car park, I follow and she stops behind her car, popping the boot and placing the five green books in before reaching in and grabbing a book with a homemade cover, she closes the boot and make her way to the driver’s side of the car and drops in, when I get closer to the car she has the book that I now see is a sketch book resting a little bit on the steering wheel and mostly on her lap as she draws. She draws a faceless person, the way they stand is sad, there lonely watching over a crowd of people, the person she draws is a girl, I can tell, she’s wearing a long dress that flows in the wind, I wonder if she’s drawing herself, drawing her feelings, I wonder if she feels alone and that’s why she keeps everything to herself, keeps every little detail about herself locked away unless she wants that to be known. I open the passenger door and drop in, she immediately slams the book closed, the outside is black with different shades of green paint splattered all over the surface.

“What the-“ she stops as she looks up.

“You’re an amazing drawer.”

“Why is it you always see the things I least want you to?”

“You mean the things you don’t want anyone but yourself to see?” she looks at the cover of the book, “Why aren’t you in class?”

“I could ask the same thing.”

“Touché.” I reply and she sighs.

“I was talking to my English teacher who is also my writing teacher, he was giving me back the books I gave him, he told me I could have the lesson off. For helping him out, I don’t know.”

“Helping him out?” she looked at me.

“I just told you, I gave him books.”

”Is he the only one that can read what you have written?” she raises an eye brow.

“How do you know they were my story’s I gave him?” she does a little squint with her right eye, like she always does at random times and it causes me to smile.

“It’s cute when you do that squint thing.”

“Louis!” she frowns, “How did you know I was talking about my stories?”

“I saw them, they were the green note books you always use.” She nods.

“Now the reason you’re not in class.” She traces the spine of her sketch book.

“I was wondering why you weren’t in class.” I shrugged, “I haven’t seen you all day, have you been avoiding me?”

“Yes and no.” I smile at the fact she admits it.

“Can I see the drawings?” she shakes her head gripping the book tightly in her hands, “Who was the girl you were drawing?”

“Louis, don’t.” she shakes her head, “please.”

“Ellen, I want to know everything there is to know about you, what your demons are.”

“I have a lot of “demons”, Louis.”

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