Chapter Three: Are We Friends?

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Michael and Brooklyn became talkative to each other that it brings Loomis to a halt. He had never seen Michael being social with someone in the sanitarium. Everyday in the courtyard, Michael would wait and expect Brooklyn to sit next to him at the exact spot behind a wall.

Brook enters the courtyard with Marian as always. Marian didn't mind Michael's company, she just felt unsure about his ways. "Hi Michael!" The overexcited girl made her way to her seat and Michael smiled in returned. "Hey. I made you something." He was holding a paper mache mask behind his back. "Well what it is?"
"Here." Michael presented the mask. "Oooh a mask?" She examines the ruffled texture and the red and black paint. "Yeah. I couldn't think of something pretty to make for you."
Her cheeks tinted red, she embraced Michael with a tight hug. "Thank you so much, Michael. It's beautiful." He flinched a bit, but hugged her slowly, breaking the hug. "Mmhm, it's your favorite color mixed with mine."

She slipped on the mask, which was a big on her, but it didn't bother her. "How do I look?" Michael smiled and lifted the mask to her forehead. "You look cute. You look cuter without it." They both stared at each other briefly, "Alright everyone, time to come inside." One of the guards announced to the children and they all walked inside. "I'll see you later, Michael." She waved as she walked to Marian.

Hours passed into the evening as Brooklyn sits in the chair for her session with Dr. Marian. During the session, Brooklyn didn't give any honest answers to Marian's questions. "So, do you have any feelings for Michael?" She shook her head, "I only see him as a friend." The doctor wrote it down, tapped her chin a bit. "Really? Is it because you two have some things in common?" "We both like horror movies and stuff." She kicked her legs in boredom, hoping for the session to be over quickly. The whole entire time, she had Michael on her mind, thinking what he's doing right now and what gift to give him. "Miss Marian, can I draw something?" She looked up. "Sure. What do you want to draw?" The little girl grabbed a sheet of paper and pen, scribbling a drawing of Michael and herself holding hands with hearts around. She even drew the area where they always sit at in the courtyard.

Marian peeked over, but Brook covered the paper with her elbows and folded it. "You can't see it." "Aw why not? I won't judge your art." Brooklyn slipped the drawing in her pocket. "It's because..I wanna hang it on my wall." She lied, changing the subject. "Is our session over? I wanna go to my room." Marian sighed, knowing that she's hiding things from her. "Yes it's over. Let's go to your room." She gathered her notes in her bag, escorted the tiny girl to the door of her room. "Good night, Brooklyn."
"Night." Brook plopped on her bed as Marian shuts the door, leaving her in the quiet room.
The next day in the courtyard, Brooklyn waited for her friend to arrive to give him the present. She grew impatient, wanting Michael to be here early. "Hi Michael." She plastered a big smile as the boy sat next to her. "I uhm..made you something since you gave me a gift." Holding out the folded paper, Michael takes it and examined it. "Open it." She hurries for him to unfold it and watches him do so. He smiled at the horribly drawn picture. "Thanks, Brook." Michael planted a small kiss on her forehead. She blinked, surprise as her face was completely drenched with red blush. Of course, she returns a kiss on the cheek. "It's what friends do, right?" He nodded and tucked the paper in his pocket. Their afternoon was blooming into happiness once again.

Few months has passed as Brooklyn began to notice Michael's personality. He wore different colored masks and withdrawn to speak less and less. It worries her a lot and kept asking him if he was okay, he always reply with a nod.
After the visit with his mother, Loomis assigned a nurse to watch over Michael while he escorts Deborah out. Michael already disliked her presence and her rude comment about the photograph of him with his baby sister, Angel. Without hesitation, he drove a metal fork to her neck, digging in her skin as the alarm blared off with screams. Guards rushes in to the incident and held back Michael, restraining him to cause more violence. His mother shrieked as he screamed at her, holding her head in anguish. What happened to her beloved son? She completely lost her mind and him.

Brooklyn woke up from the loud alarm and tried to peek through the bar windows. "What's going on?" Multiple orderlies ran down the hall with cuffs.

Another day, another session. Brooklyn was still curious about yesterday. "Miss Marian, what happened yesterday? I saw a bunch of people run down the hall." Marian received the news and couldn't bring herself to tell her the truth. "I'm very sorry Brooklyn, but you can't see Michael anymore." Her words sent an flaming arrow through Brook's chest as she gave her a puzzled look. "What? Why? What do you mean?"
"He's dangerous and he could hurt anyone, even you." Brooklyn spat at her comment, "Michael isn't a bad person! He didn't do anything to hurt anyone! Why did you people put him in this place-" "Because he's a murderer, Brooklyn!" Marian already regretted her bluntness. "I didn't want to tell you because it's not my rule to share other patient's history. Michael Myers was responsible for the murder of his family and the nurse. He probably didn't want to tell you either since you're his friend."

Brook stammered, "B-But Michael-He.." The sudden information baffled her innocent-like mind. She didn't want to believe it. "You're lying. Michael wouldn't do that!" Tears welded in her eyes. "You're in denial, Brooklyn you have to face it. I won't allow you to spend anymore time with him. You probably wouldn't see him anymore in the courtyard or anywhere. Patients who doesn't behave have to stay in the isolation rooms." She cried her heart out. "I want my Michael!" Brook sunk in the chair and hugged her knees, feeling the room closing in her and crumbling. Will this be the last time she'll see Michael?

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