Chapter One

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It was a dark and rainy Sunday afternoon, the streets were empty like it had been abandoned by everyone, papers were scattered all over the place, most of them were bathing in puddles while some were being blown away by the strong wind that picked them up, the lights in the stores were turned off, making the inside dim and the outside depressing, matching the mood of the dark, empty streets.

Walking along the sidewalk was an animatronic fox, his red fur was matted up and was soaked as the rain fell on him, his body was skinny like he hadn't eaten in a long time, he was also severely ill due to his starvation, he'd begged people for food but always got disappointed when they only gave him the crumbs, pretended he was invisible, or told him to get lost, he felt like he didn't belong anywhere, his only home was a cardboard box that rested in an alley between an apartment building and a restaurant, in his 'home' he had multiple newspapers that he uses for blankets and a plush of himself that he sleeps with during the cold and stormy nights, it was the only friend he had, he never wanted to let go of it, he never wanted to get rid of it.

As the starving fox continued to roam, the rain suddenly stopped, he looked up to see that the clouds were rolling away, revealing a beautiful sky painted with pink, orange, and yellow, he knew what that meant, the sun was setting for the day and night was about to come, he decided to walk back to the alley and sleep in his box for the night since he was really tired after a long day of walking around, it was a complete failure like always, he was used to days being failures.

When he arrived at the alley, he went towards his box and went inside of it, he put the newspapers over his skinny body and tried to get comfortable, he grabbed his plush and held it in his arms like he was hugging it.

"Do you think that someone will find and care for me?" He whispered to the plush, he pretended like it agreed by nodding it's head. "I hope so, too, goodnight little guy, let's see what tomorrow brings us."

He brung the plush close to his face and fell asleep to the sound of silence.

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