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Hey guys, author heere! I've been toying around with this idea in my head and I wanted to get your guy's feedback on whether I should do it or not. So here is my proposition: For a couple of months now I've been creating these characters (three to be exact) and wrote a storyline for them. Their names are Emily, Amelia, and Angel (yes such creative names I know) and to put it simply they're the love interests of Millard, Horace and Enoch. I was thinking of creating a book for each of the characters depicting their life story, who they like, yadayadayada (You guys get the idea).

1st character: Emily Pines

Ever since her mom died when she was a young age Emily Pines has had to live with her dad who was notorious for being wretched and abusive. He would hit her, beat her and tell her things that weren't true about herself. One Night when she was locked out of the house, Emily met a certain invisible boy who eventually became her one and only friend. (Basically Plot of the story) She said that it was a mistake; He called it fate...

More Info: Emily is the kindest and sweetest person you will ever meet in your life. She will do anything (and I mean anything) when it comes to her friends. Since she spends a lot of time outside at night, she spends the time stargazing which is why she loves the Stars so much. Despite what her Dad has told her, she is surprisingly smart for her age. 

-Hobbies: Stargazing, reading, gardening, singing,  and writing

-Crush: Millard Nullings

-Peculiarity: Does she have one or Does she not? Hmmm

-Hair color: Alburn

-Eye color: Blue

-Height: She's not short but she is definitely not tall!

-Favorite color: Purple

-Best Friend: Horace

2nd character: Amelia Dennison

Since she was a baby Amelia knew she there was something weird about her but she wasn't sure how. Amy stood out from all the rest of her friends in the orphanage. Maybe it was because she could sew well and make dresses for the little one's dolls or how she could read a 500-page book in about a day or two or even how she can beat all the boys in swimming. Or maybe it was because of her miraculous ability to lull people to sleep whenever she's near. Whatever it was, it was killing her and so she packed up her bags and snuck off to a little town of Carinholm in the hopes to discover her true self.

More info: Amy is an adventure seeker. She is super curious and asks a lot of questions often making people annoyed. Amy can also tend to be hot-headed and yell whenever she gets angered.  Although she is quite responsible she also tends to be a troublemaker and a trickster.

-Hobbies: Reading, sewing, swimming, drawing, and Birdwatching

-Crush: Horace Somnusson

-Peculiarity: DoEs ShE hAvE oNe??

-Hair color: Black

-Eye color: Brown

-Height: She's super short

Favorite color: Yellow

-Best Friend: Bronwyn

3rd character: Angel Pepperdine

After finding out she was peculiar, Angel was sent off to Miss Peregrines loop so she can 'be with her kind'. Problem was, she had to leave her whole family behind since they were normal. At first, she despised Miss Peregrine and the other's, blaming them for taking away from her family. However, as time passed Angel realized that the children she had come to know and love meant everything to her, especially that strange boy with the power to raise the dead...

More Info: Angel is the most level-headed person you'll ever meet. Since she was the oldest sibling in her family, she learned at an early age to be responsible. She's also what you call the Jack of all trades meaning she has a lot of talents like cooking, poetry, and hiking.

-Hobbies: Cooking, poetry, hiking, sewing/knitting, and calligraphy

-Crush: Enoch O' Connor

-Peculiarity: Electricity

-Hair color: Light brown

-Eye color: Brown/hazel

Height: She's about Emma's height so umm kinda tall?

Favorite color: Red

So if you guys want me to create those stories let me know (Via comment or Pm)! Also I'm going to have a competition to see who can guess Emily and Amy's peculiarities. If you get it right then you'll get a surprise!!!! =3 Okay I have to go to bed before I pass out..

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