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The next morning, Nathan was gone by the time I woke up. I looked up at the ceiling. My eyes were wide open as I tried to remember what I was supposed to do this morning. And then I gasped and jumped out of the bed. The kids. Oh crap. I searched for my phone but I couldn't find it. I put my robe around me then half ran down the stairs. I found my phone in my purse on the kitchen island. I called Rachel quickly.

"Morning, sleepyhead." She answered after the third ring.

"Oh my god, Rachel, I'm so sorry. I overslept," I said as I walked back upstairs to the bathroom. What kind of mother forgets they were supposed to take their kids to school? I didn't even remember when Nathan left, usually I did feel him leave. Though most of the time I was up before him packing lunch and getting the kids ready for school.

"I figured. Don't worry. The kids are fine. I dropped them both off at school. They were just fine with it."

"Thank you so much," I said running a hand through my tangled hair. "I don't know what happened. I guess I was really tired."

"Wild night, huh?" She teased on the other line, making me blush.

I laughed nervously. "Honestly, Nathan and I hadn't had a night like that in months."

"Well I'm glad I contributed." She laughed.

"Wow, it just got weird." I joked laughing with her.

"How was the housewarming?"

My smile faded as I remembered last night. My mind felt a bit foggy. Maybe I had drunk too much wine after all. Or maybe I was still in shock about what I had seen. Seth cheating on Evelyn with Julia in their own house, their laundry room.  Seth threatening me to keep quiet. Me looking at my friend in the eye and not saying anything.

"Hannah? You still there?" Rachel asked making me come back to the present.

I nodded. "Yes, sorry. It was okay. Evelyn was too stressed out to enjoy it but it was fun."

"Fun and neighbors don't really go together but okay."

I laughed at her joke then stayed on the phone with her for a few more minutes until she got to work and had to hang up. I looked at myself on the mirror. My hair really was a mess. It literally looked like a bird's nest. I began to undress then got in the shower. With both Sophia and Liam going to school now, I had my mornings to myself until two when Liam was out of preschool.

I liked the "free" time, at first. It allowed me to catch up on housework but it also made me miss the time when I used to have my bridal dress boutique. Well technically, I was still a co-owner but it wasn't the same. A year after Nathan and I got married, I was able to fulfill one of my dreams: open my own bridal boutique. I had been selling bridal dresses a year prior that so I was doing pretty good for myself. Some of my dresses even made it to one of the most well-known bridal magazines. It was all a dream come true. Owning a business and keeping it running was no easy task, especially after I became a mom of two. When Liam was born, I found it impossible to go back to work. He was a baby and so was Sophia, technically. It was easier when it was just her because I could take her with me to work. Keeping an eye on a toddler and a baby at the same time though—it was hard. So I found myself in having to choose between my babies or my career. The answer, of course, was very clear.

So I found a business partner and sold half of the shares of the boutique. Now, Lucy was the one who ran the business full-time with me pitching in part-time and mostly from home. I hadn't designed a dress in a long time but now that I had somewhat time for myself, I wanted to get back to it. I missed it and I felt like I needed it to keep me somewhat sane.